Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blessings just keep falling on my head...

It's raining blessings!!
My last post mentioned the despair we were in over my chemotherapy medicine. I didn't want to go to phase 1 trials again (the guinea pig chemo phase), but I didn't know if we would be able to pay "astronomical amounts" for a medicine we weren't even sure would be successful.  That night I prayed harder than I have in quite a while. All I wanted was a chance with this other chemo, before we eliminate traditional chemotherapy all together.
  The next morning I was in the shower when my phone rang. The message was from the Apothecary shop who was handling my case. This surprised me since we weren't expecting a call back so quickly. The message was short and I was pretty sure I knew how this was going to end.
   "Hello, this is Kelly from the Apothecary shop and I just wanted you to know that I had an easy time getting approval for one of your chemotherapy meds, but the other one.......... well, just call me as soon as possible. Bye now."   "Darn!" I thought, as I dialed her number. Well, at least we gave it a shot.
              Crazily enough, this is not where the story ends....................
Kelly answered my call quickly and sounded almost giddy on the other line. "Christa, I need to talk to you about the Affinitor. This chemo medicine isn't approved for breast cancer.... "I know," I interjected, "I just thought it was worth a shot...."
    "That's just it" Kelly shot back, "It wasn't approved for breast cancer, until just recently! I already ran it through your insurance and the co-pay is a bit steep. It is 100.00 a month."
     At this point, I about fell out of my chair because 100.00 was WAY cheaper than I was thinking!
  "......but we ran it through are prescription program and it actually will only cost you 25.00 a month. Well, actually 32.00 a month since you have a 7. 00 co-pay for the other medicine."   Alleluia!

And there you have it ladies and gentlefolk, prayers are answered!!!

p.s. Morgan ran the numbers and this medicine would cost us 90,000 a year if we had to pay out of pocket! That equals 262.00 a pill!


clarisa said...

I absolutely LOVE this, especially when you bore this your testimony in church today. You just always get my attention that way, your testimony is so powerful. my fingers crossed and knees bent for you! PS in case your husband doesn't think he is your personal secretary to hand you all your messages, I also just love love all your purses. Every week it seems you have a different one and it is also just as cute as the one that showed up with you last week. how fun!

Mamma Betts said...

You are THE MOST deserving person I know to receive these type of blessings! Congrats! And our prayers are with you and the Doctors in hopes that this WILL work for you! <3 ya lady!

Canadian Colleen said...

Awesome, your last post stuck with me and I was thinking of you often. My son has a saying "it always works out" and that is how I feel for you right now - it all worked out. I will be praying that this will be the treatment that will work for you. It may be a sign. oxoxo

stephanie said...

One small miracle at a time! Thinking of you and praying for your family! Hugs to you, You are amazing!