Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Most expensive starfish ever!

We are currently on a family vacation in Ventura, California having the time of our life! We are staying at a beach house right on the beach!
   On the first day, Morgan and I went on a walk to a nearby rock pier hoping to find some cool sea creatures.
   What we found was an accident waiting to happen. I saw a huge starfish on a low rock and I wanted to go and get it. Morgan told me not to since the tide was coming in and out. He had me hold his phone and he said that he would get the starfish for me. I waited and waited, but he wasn't going to get the starfish and it was RIGHT there. I decided that it needed to be done, and done now and I couldn't quite figure out why Morgan was just waiting. So, I scaled down the rocks and started tugging on the starfish. Morgan and Lund Ryan started yelling at me but I was too intent on the starfish to listen.
   The next thing came so fast I didn't even get a chance to hold my breath. A huge wave hit me from behind and slammed me into the rock jetty pulling me under the water and repeatedly slamming me into the rockface. Scariest thing EVER! Soon Morgan's hand yanked me up and pulled me out of the tumbling vortex. Morgan was scared sick thinking I had smashed my head on the rocks. But once we examined my body from top to bottom, I only ended up with some cuts on my hand and bruises on my side and back. I sure think my angels have their hands full when I do dumb things like this.

If you look close in the first picture, you can see the blood dripping off my hand, cuz I took a chunk of skin off in the rocks.


Grandma LeSueur said...

Cool starfish!! (and I'm glad you didn't drown while capturing it!)

Cassie and Chad said...

Holy Cow your Angels are busy!!! Crazy lady, happy you got your starfish. You make me smile!!!!