Monday, April 30, 2012

These are the People in my Family...

 A couple of weeks ago my brother and his new wifey, Kirstan were visiting here from Provo, Utah. Because he was here, we actually had my whole family together in one place for an evening. We decided to take a smattering of photos with all different photographers, and here are the results....
 Lots of girls: Me, Kayla, Alisha, Sarah, and Becky
 Here we go: Me and my sexy leg, Kade, Kayla, Ryan, Kirstan, and Sarah
 And off again: Jeff, Kayla, Ryan, Kirstan, Sarah, Candin and Brody in front.
                                      Happy newlyweds!
 Cousins Kayla and Brody
 So, then we tried to throw little Raelynn into the mix. Boy was she ever mad!
 Grandpa Wiemer and Cassidy.
 Yeah, I am just going to let you guess at this one. Sufficeth to say, most everybody is in there somewhere.
 And again.
 My older sister, younger brother, and the newbie
                And the matriarch of the family, my mother.
We had a lot of fun together and hope to be able to get together again soon.


clarisa said...

love reading through the blog. i see you love to tease the family and i will enjoy reading it all. always praying for you and your family.

Farr Family said...

Christa- I love all of your pictures!! Always fun to see how your family is doing! You look really good!!! Sending much love from St. Johns!!
Love ya- Kimberly