Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Hawaiin Suprize!

 Our surprise Hawaiian leis. Hurry and snap a picture by the ocean before the tide turns!
Are you confused yet? Today, a florist dropped up some beautiful, freshly made laie necklaces for everyone in the family. The note read, "So sorry to hear you had to give up your Disney cruise.  We hope these Hawaiian leis will make you feel better. We each picked out a special one and went to the beach for some pictures! (Actually our backyard, but still a memory that we will never forget!) Thank you Jack and Judy in California, how thoughtful!

The Hawaiian hotties!

 catching some rays on the beach!
 All my beautiful Hawaiian babies!
 So sophisticated Lund!

Update: Obviously we had to change our cruise plans due to the extra days in the hospital and ICU. We are still tying to replace our family vacation with another one in the summer. But since kids can't wait that long and are VERY sensitive and disappointed/devastated, we decided to "buy off" our own children! I mean why not? Isn't that what every good parent does?
   After telling our kids the devastating news about moms surgery/no trip/ and everything else depressing, we told our kids that they could each pick out something that they had always wanted, but were unable to attain.
 Cassidy opted for an Ipod 4.
Lund bought a huge remote control airplane
Sarah picked out a blue Nintendo Ds with some animal games
and Will waited patiently for his Power Wheels Jeep to arrive.

We will have to touch more on my awful parenting tomorrow, but when you are sitting in a hospital bed, just having shattered your kiddos hopes again ( two years running), giving them something monetary doesn't seem like such a bad idea at all!

Exhaustion has overtaken my body and I must comply, but I am back home after six days in the hospital and ICU, bringing home an oxygen tank in tow. My lung still isn't "fully recovered" and it will take some time and a lot of lung exercises to completely refill my left lung. My right lung is still collapsed at the top due to the tumor, so we will work on that after I recover from surgery. But alas, Spring Break is upon us and we will surely find some wonderful things to fill our time.


Bonnie Hynes said...

That's what we're hoping!! See you later...LITERALLY! Yay!

Unknown said...

I am SO glad you are home. You look beautiful in these pictures! I love you and your little family! The leis look beautiful, what a great idea. I hope you are enjoying the Hynes!

Love from Boise!

Heather and Family