Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Update

"Mickey Mouse is going to miss us when we don't go on our cruise next week," Christa say's in a little groggy pain medicine voice. "but we will find other fun times. Did that whale just swear?" she continues somewhat concerned as she looks over at the TV that is on in the room. There is some fishing-type Discovery channel show on. The loopieness is actually much improved.

She is still on pain meds, but has was finally moved from the ICU this afternoon to a regular room. They have removed the drain tube, which was our numero uno goal up until now, and also a few other tubes and connections. She is now only on oxygen and has her port accessed, but is not getting any I.V. fluids on a regular basis. She's also walking around a bit and using the restroom on her own.

At this point she should be able to come home Tuesday, but may need to take a portable oxygen bottle with her. We can easily manage that. The kids came for a visit last night, which was really nice because technically no one under the age of 12 is allowed in the ICU. However, Cindy our nurse got an exception for us. Cindy has two sisters currently battling stage four cancer and so was definitely on Christa's side.

After the episode with Christa having a rough night alone on Thursday night and another Friday afternoon we have been sure to have someone with her at all times. I spent the night Friday, not the best three hours of sleep I have ever had, and Christa's mom spent last night. I will be here again tonight, but this time I brought in my camping cot.

We feel that the last few days have been filled with a series of miracles that can only be the result of so many prayers on her behalf and the several folks were found out were fasting for her. Thank you all for your support whether in person or in spirit. The Johnson family loves you.



Bonnie Hynes said...

I can't fast because of nursing (darn needy babies :) but Lucy was on top of that yesterday. Sooooo glad you see Heaven's hand in your days, that's our prayer for sure! Love you, see you soon!

LUND said...

We love you guys. We are glad that we are here. You and Sharon are vigilant and amazing.
Mom Johnson

Jeremy and Ruth said...

I wish I WERE THERE!!!! For so many reasons! but i would love to hang out with your kids 24/7 and just keep up the house while the woman is away! I love you guys and prayers are flooding out our windows on their way to heaven!!

Kimberly Farr said...

Christa- You are my HERO!!! Get better and know we always have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!!

Kimberly Farr said...

Let me know if you ever need me to come down and stay with you in the hospital!! I would do it for you in a heart beat anytime!! Much love!!