Sunday, March 11, 2012

"We Didn't get wet!"

 Sarah and Will and their cousins were instructed to "not get wet". Somehow, they felt that if they sprayed the ground and then got muddy, that didn't qualify! hummmmmm
 Their punishments were to go get the mail, the lost dog, and let mom hose them off outside in the cold hose water.


LUND said...

We were there and this discription is a mild version of the actual happenings ... But. Olof time was has by all,....well most! .....well some!
This is a great family nd blessed by a great yard o play an work in.

Unknown said...

I love Sara's face in the last picture, she is like... What?

HA Ha HA Ha HA Ha HA Ha, Awesome.

Love from Boise,


bek said...

oh my gosh. what a bunch of monkeys. i can't believe sarah's hair is so dark when wet!