Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas season has come and gone and yet, the exhaustion remains.

Lots of pictures + not a lot of blogging =A mom that is WAY behind at recording amazing family memories.
I guess we will start with Santa circa a couple weeks ago.
It is always fun to meet with this jolly 'ole elf.

And here is our family photo at our church party, a pajama party! Lots of cozy fun!
 Another family tradition is making Santa cookies at Grandma's house. Here is my nephew, Cooper, all smiles.
 My little brother Ryan, who got married over the break, (more pictures of that to come!)
 Oh, you have been caught!!! My niece, Candin sneaks a taste!
 Little Brody makes perfect Santa's, but then was weary to eat them.
 And nephew Kade isn't ever scared of anything! He was all smiles as well.
 Sarah really enjoyed the decorating and the eating.
 A random shot of the gathering. I like the smile on my mom's face. She really enjoys this holiday tradition.
 And then it was time to open "Cousin presents".  The youngest cousin, Raelynn, was soooo excited!
 And she received her favorite thing ever, a soft stuffed animal.
Brody opened his present and exclaimed, "THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!"
 And Candin was sooo excited when she found this necklace hidden among the pink and black bubblegum balls. A very fun trick and very well-recieved by Candin.
 And everyone helped Will open his present: a prehistoric aquarium, where you can grow dinosaurs. No dinosaurs yet!
 Kade was really excited to shoot everyone with his new Nerf gun.
And Lund thoroughly enjoyed his Angry Bird toys.
The whole family!


runningfan said...

You're looking great! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Sorry to hear the cancer is spreading. You're a real trooper!

Bonnie Hynes said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Keep them coming! I'm still looking for more New York pictures! You look absolutely amazing, christa! I love you guys and miss you all so much!!! Merry Christmas and big happy new year!

Farr Family said...

Cute and adorable family! I love the traditions of this time of year- decorating Santa cookies is a fun one. You look amazing Christa- want to lose some of my prego weight?!!!