Sunday, December 18, 2011

We interrupt this update about New York to bring you...............Christmas Pictures 2011

Guess what time of the year it is??? That's right. Time for Christmas cards and Christmas pictures. I waited a REALLY long time this year because I was really dreading the craziness that is picture time!

 I always love the good pictures I get of the kids when I take pictures in this volume.

 All of the above pictures are why I make my kids cry because they have to dress up when it isn't Sunday, or brush their hair, heaven forbid! And I usually end up resorting to bribbery and yelling and throwing my hands in the air and one point or another. So this year, instead of giving you just the "good pictures", I am also giving you the ........................OUTTAKES AT THE JOHNSON HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is the pose Lund wanted to use for his individual picture...............hummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not today son!
 This demonstrates how happy Cassidy was about the whole experience!!!! WARNING! VERY GRUMPY TEENAGER!

 And this little man always forgets how to smile during picture time and enjoys being goofy and just generally crazy!

And two minutes after the pictures were over, Will had already fallen and splashed in a puddle!!! Oh well, that is how it works around here.... You take 203 pictures, just to get one for the Christmas card.... Man, I LOVE digital camera's!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I can't believe how different Sara looks! They are growing up nicely! They are so cute, and we love them!

LUND said...

What a photo journey! Cute kids in all of their various moods. We love them.
Mom Karen

Farr Family said...

I loved all the pictures- especially the out takes!! Merry Christmas! We love your sweet family!!