Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York in segments...

So,  you know when you take a trip that is life-changing, and you get back home in "trip glow" mode and then you hit the ground running with piano recitals, programs and all craziness, and then BAM, you get sick on top of that? Well, that is why I haven't posted any pictures from our trip yet. But alas, I will whet  your appetite with just a few glimpses of our wonderful excursion. (And it is spelled "whet" all you crazy English majors, look it up! he he he)
Morgan and I LOVED walking the streets of New York City. As long as my hands were warm and my shoes were comfy, I was in walking heaven!
This gives you a feel of the weather while we were there. It was actually colder when we got off the plane in Phoenix! The wind seriously makes a difference though!
Here we are in Times Square. It was crowded while we were there, but by the weekend nights, it was INSANELY crowded! Still a fun place to visit, and one bonus is, that if you get tired, you can just lift up your feet and the crowd will carry you!

And yes ladies and gentelmen, we had culture! We saw the Broadway show "Wicked" and LOVED it!!
We even had a chance to meet up with my high school friend, Melanie, who LOVES living in Manhattan. We told her to take us to the most authentic New York pizza place she knew, and she didn't disappoint!! We went to John's pizza which is in an old church cathedral, and YUM! I will be dreaming about that pizza for a while! Thanks Mel!
And something that amazed me was, everytime I looked up, I would see something from TV. It was crazy! Since I had never been to New York City before, my only references where "Seinfield" and "Friends", and so I would constantly say, "Remember on Seinfield when they played Frogger with the traffic, and remember on Friends when Phoebe ran like a crazy woman through Central Park?" Luckily, Morgan didn't get sick of all my TV references. Thanks Honey!
And, here comes another reference....What movie is this piano from? I will give you a hint, it is in FAO Schwartz and it starts with the letter B.....any takers?
By the way, if you want to take one of these babies home for the holidays, it will only set you back 250,000.00. Come on, your kids are worth it!!!
And the Statue of Liberty was smaller than I expected. Or maybe this was the one built out of Lego's...hummm
Oh boy, the subways!!! Morgan took to them like a champ, leaning on his experiences from Tokyo subways. I, on the other hand, just followed him around and jumped everytime a subway came flying through the tunnels. And, people on the subway thought it was funny when I would ask them if I could sit next to them. It is polite to ask, you know.
We will finish this segment with something sweet. This whole bathtub was FULL of bubblegum! In case you are worried that I tried to sneak one, let me just tell you that cancer is enough for me. I don't want any new sicknesses, and those gumballs looked like they had been touched by every hand in New York City!


Tonya said...

BIG, I loved the piano. I hope you got to jump all over it :) Looks like an amazing trip and I love your purse.

Jeremy and Ruth said...

LUCKY!!!!! That is a trip that I am SUPER jealous of!! I cant wait to see all the other fun things you did! WICKED??!!?? I WANT TO SEE IT!!!! oh wow!! How amazing! I am so happy you did that trip, you deserved it... P.S. only like a few weeks untill you get to see you guys! :)))) ( that is supposed to be super happy face, but it turned out looking like a happy face with 3 extra chins! hahah

Bonnie Hynes said...

Yay for New York trip posts! You two look absolutely spectacular!! The view is amazing, and I am so happy for you guys!

Unknown said...

J E A L O U S!!!!!! That trip looked amazing. I want to go SOOO bad! You and Morgan are like New Yorkers!

Unknown said...

PS that last comment was me, I dont know why it comes up unknown. Oh well. Love you guys.

Heather Wilson

Farr Family said...

I have been waiting and excited to hear all about this fun trip. I am soooo jealous!! And you look great Christa! Much love from our family!

PinkyMcG said...

thank you for coming to visit! had such a great night hanging with you and morgan! glad you enjoyed John's Pizzaria and the FAO Schwartz magic. how long before the sprinkles cupcake left overs were consumed? love to you!

Penny said...

You guys look amazing!! Sorry I missed you while you were here in Bagdad!! Have a beautiful Christmas.