Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas hiking at Picacho Peak

The bottom of Picacho Peak. They have a long hike ahead of them...
  There were cables they had to use to climb a lot of places on the hike....
 You had to be manly enough to go. All included: Grandpa Wiemer, Lund, Morgan, KC Johnson, and  Buck Shumway.
 Lund and Morgan at the top looking down.
It was a fun tradition to take a long hike on December 23rd. Maybe they will try another spot next year. As for me, I was snoozing in bed! Way to go guys!


Unknown said...

SOOOO glad you posted! YAY, It is great to see all the pictures that hike looks intense! WoWza! Some great guys you got there.

P.S. You are looking like such a hottie! You look GREAT in those PJ's!

Love from Boise!


PinkyMcG said...

That is a gorgeous view. Well done Morgan and Lund!