Friday, November 18, 2011

Bulemic Blogger, careful I am about to "throw up" the whole week on you!! I know...N.T.T (Not Table Talk)

Yeah, I know, it has been a while....five whole days!!! That is a lot for me....seriously. Blog ideas run through my mind all day/night long and sometimes it gets annoying. But alas, I digress..... This is what has been going on this week, in reverse chronological order, just to be annoying!
p.s. pintrest is EVIL and oh, so WONDERFUL!
p.s.s. when you don't have many white blood cells, it is hard to fight off infection.
p.s.s.s. that is probably how I got a sinus infection this week after chemo.
p.s.s.s.s. Yes, I did see the Twilight movie, even though I was sick, but at 2pm the next day. Matinee rocks!
 Morgan has a birthday tomorrow, so I have been working on this project all week. I couldn't wait for him to see it, so I put it up a day early with the help of Lundy.
The idea came off of pintrest, teaching me how to make canvas photos at home and I ran with it. I made the last canvas with the help of my Cricut machine, and in case you can't read it, it says...."and they lived happily ever after". Hopefully Morgan enjoys reminiscing with these pictures as much as I do. We will have his "official birthday" tomorrow.

 And backing up to Wednesday night.....Lund and Morgan and I were able to attend his first court of honor, where Lund recieved his "Tenderfoot" badge. They always have the moms come up after their award is recieved and pin a scout pin on them. The mom's always look a bit nervous...
 Congradulations Lund!!! A lot of effort went into getting this badge. He is well on his way towards his Eagle.
 And this was new for him.... A HUGE chocolate chip cookie for his rank advancement!!
 And now we will travel back in time to last Saturday. It was our ward service project at Sunshine Acres, a children's home for kids who don't have parents that are able to take care of them.
 It was an AMAZING service project and the kids at Sunshine Acres were soooo respectful and grateful. Thanks for teaching us all a lesson guys!  Our ward did a couple of hours of landscaping and then we put on a Fall Festival for them for the next few hours.
 Here is the train that was brought by a member of the ward. So cute! It is just dollies and waterbarrels that have been fixed up to make all the cars, pulled by an ATV. Sooooo creative!
                                       Sarah and her friend Brea.
                                Will and his friend Jane.
 Another game that was a huge hit was the dunk tank. And both my oldest volunteered to be "dunked" even though they didn't have a stitch of dry clothes or a towel with them. All in the name of service......ha!
                                                                 Drenched 11-year-old

                                                 I wonder how this will end.......
 yup, another wet child!!!
 Then, after all the kids from Sunshine Acres were gone, we had a brave member of our Bishopric upon the "hot" seat.
  And the Bishop LOVED taking throws at him, the whole time yelling...."........and remember when you didn't come to that meeting! Remember when you didn't like my tie!" it was a hoot!!
Sadly, Bishop wasn't able to get him in the water, but guess who was.....................ME!!! That's right, finally all those years of playing softball paid off. I threw it right to the target and down he plummetted! Yea, I am pretty much awesome!! (and I never brag)

 Here is Sarah at the cake walk.
And alas, someone always has to get a poke-in-the-eye. Will was the lucky recipient that day. Our amazing neighbors lent us the huge inflatable pirate ship and it was a big hit as well!!!


Farr Family said...

I LOVE the pictures on the wall! I am impressed!! It looks awesome! Happy Birthday Morgan!! Sending much love from St. Johns!!!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

ha, was that a service project or a PARTY!! AWESOME!!! How fun!! CANT WAIT TO SEE EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

LUND said...

May have been a long time in comming (5 days) but oh, what a great blog and life you guys are living. We are so glad to be there in the shadows being a small audience in your parade.

Happy said...

I loved visiting Sunshine Acres because I interviewed there when I first moved to Bagdad, to continue working with the Youth. I was offered and then I declined due to the drive, but it is a BEAUTIFUL place and you made it more beautiful by being there with those sweet young people.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving and know that Mark and I are THANKFUL for you and your family.


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