Monday, November 14, 2011

A visit from Aunt Diane

My Aunt Diane and Uncle Wally came to visit last week. I haven't seen her since my Grandmother's funeral a couple of years ago. And, we have something in common....BREAST CANCER! Luckily, she is over her treatments now, but she will always be my breast cancer buddy. She sends care packages every once in a while, and they are always PERFECT! When I first lost my hair two years ago, I got a package with a beanie that she made for me with the softest yarn imaginable! I wore it every night to bed since my head was always cold. Then later, when I just needed to feel pretty, she happened so send me a beautiful necklace with my initials on it. Thanks for always knowing what I need.
 Here are my parents with Aunt Diane and Wally.
 Aunt Diane with baby Raelynn and Brody. They had lots of fun together.
 My younger sister Becky and her hubby Jeff. Brody is their adorable boy and Raelyn is the rambunctious lady in pink.
 I asked everyone if they were up for an "adventure" after we finished our BBQ and they were all in, except Jeff, who just wanted some peace and quiet while we were gone....
 I took them to the golf course to our "special spot" and we busted out the glow sticks and had some fun! Will can only spell two words right now, but I am not complaining! And that is MOM, not WOW!
 Yea, I wrote this for myself! Just kidding, Sarah wrote this!
 And we got back at Jeff with this message!
Raelynn loved the glow sticks and had a great time!!!

Thanks for visiting Aunt Diane and Uncle Wally, come back anytime, you were a big hit!!


Farr Family said...

I love the glow sticks!! I will have to remember that fun!! We love you lots!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

You and Morgan look GREAT!! So healthy and fit! Who knew glo sticks had so much potential?!?!