Saturday, July 9, 2011

Taking a break from the "Beautiful faces saga" to bring you......"Injuries"...

I am taking a break from all the events of the Family Gathering, to tell you all about the injuries sustained this year....

Poor Karver! We couldn't decide if he had a heat rash or was allergic to his sunscreen. Either way, it didn't look fun!

Guilio had an eye misshap and ended up having a lot of pain for a couple of days.

And this may look like a happy picture to you... but not ten minutes later poor Ruth was stung/bit by a wasp and it really got her bad. Poor Ruth!

And since I don't have any pictures of the rest of the injuries/sicknesses, I will just compile a list for you...
1. Kason got an ear infection
2. Lund' ear drum burst (young Lund)
3. Sarah scraped her knee on the slip and slide.
4. A lot of people in the family got sick with some kind of cold/sinus deal.

But hey! It wouldn't be a family reunion if we didn't all get sick or injured. he he.... All in all, it was a successful family reunion and we all are healthy now.

Stay tuned as we return to our "Beautiful Faces Saga" tomorrow.

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Amber said...

isn't that the truth? it's never a REAL family reunion until people are sick... the stinkiness of reality.