Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Faces!

I have sooooo many pictures and wonderful memories to sort through from the Family Gathering. It is going to take me a while to get through them all.... so I am taking it one bite at a time.

So, sit back and look at some beautiful faces that were hanging around...

Bonnie and her newest addition, Archer (Archie)

Adorable Archie!!

And here is Ruth's youngest, Kason. (when you look at him, don't you just think "He's Jack-Jack from the Incredibles!!!???)
And who is this crazy lady?!!! I got to hold Archie for some of the WMBA game we went to. Fun times holding Archie and fun times watching the WMBA game from the suite. I forget sometimes how much I love watching basketball. Maybe someday I will have enough energy to play basketball again. Until then, I think I will just hold adorable babies and watch other women run up and down the court.

And look how cute these two guys are watching the game. Archie didn't want to turn his head for the picture because he was too into the game!

Oh, and here are all the crazies that Morgan and I and Archie had to put up with!!! he he he!!!! Closest to furthest: Ruth (Morgan's youngest sister), Juliet, (one of the older sisters), Bonnie (younger sister), and Mikey (Bonnie's hubby).

Oh look!!! Here are some adorable boys at breakfast. We went to the Gilbert House in "old school" Gilbert and it was a TO-DIE-FOR breakfast!!!! This is my table with my gentlemen: Elliot (Bonnie's 2nd child), Will, and my handsome hubbie!

The next table over was full of these actresses: Cassidy, Lucy (Bonnie's oldest), Emily (another older sister of Morgan's), and Sarah. Quite the dramatic bunch!!

And onto the next table: Jason is the one with the awesome goatee! No, not the baby, that's Kason, not Jason, I don't know how you could get them confused!!! he he he...Alright, enough of that, we also have Karver (the handsome 3-year-old), next to his mom, Ruth.

Mikey and Bonnie all to themselves (Hey, how did that happen?)

And at this table we have.. In the pink: Grandma Johnson, the next gentleman is Chantel's boyfriend, John, which brings us to Chantel in yellow, who also had a birthday at this breakfast. And we will finish with Juliet, who is one of Morgan's eldest sisters. (there are a lot of sisters, ya gotta keep up now...come on!)

And the "Lund table" containing: Lund the Grandpa, Lund the Grandson, Warren, (one of Morgan's younger brothers...there are only three boys, so keeping up with them won't take as much brain power), and the eldest of the Johnson kids, Alicia.

And now we will bring you more beautiful faces....

And here are two animal lovers hanging out. The lovely Chantel is in school to someday become an Equestrian vetranarian and she loves ALL animals, even our hairless rats. And Kason suprized me at how much he loved them and how gentle he was with them. Are you creeped out by our pets yet??!!!

Stay tuned for episode 2 of the "Beautiful Faces" saga!


annebabe said...

so I'm doing some Johnson family math and seems like the majority were at the "Family Gathering." We're missing Charice (and kids), Heather (and kids) and Kimball. And I haven't seen Guillo (big or little.) But 7 out of 10 Johnson kids definitely counts as a successful family gathering!! looks like A LOT of fun.

Bonnie Hynes said...

chrisa you captured it! u look lovely in the bball game picture! Love you guys!