Monday, July 4, 2011

Nerf Wars!!

Instead of trying to cover the Family Gathering all at once, I think I will focus on little blips. That will be easier for all of us to digest.
 Tonight, I will tell you about the Nerf wars that have been going on at the Johnson house. Because we have boys, we have Nerf guns, (sorry to be so prejudice, but it is true!). Anyway, before the Hynes family came to stay at our house, we went to the store and bought a bunch of bullets for all the guns we already had. And that's all you need.......Let the games begin!!!
 Here are some of the warriors before the battle. Cassidy and Sarah look a bit like Charlie's Angels here.

And not only is this scary because he is pointing that gun at ME, but man, look at the size of the head on that guy!!! No, not my husband silly!, but the teddy bear sitting next to him on the couch!!

I will be in chemo tomorrow with Morgan by my side, so I will try to post some more family pictures unless I fall asleep...........


Happy said...

That is sooooo funny with the nerf wars. Just think, you can revisit these pictures on your camera and hopefully a bunch of filled cards, when you are just not feeling up to doing much and you can relax and giggle yourself silly looking at these GREAT pictures. You are a natural with the camera. We love you and your family and we miss you terribly. XOXOXO Mark and Questa

Anonymous said...

This is great Christa. I loved loved loved the family gathering and staying at your house!!! thank you again for your warmth and hospitality and we'll see you again real soon!


Farr Family said...

You always have fun at your house! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! We love you lots!