Friday, July 1, 2011

First Family "Gathering" blog

We have been having a fabulous week here at the sunny Arizona Johnson home. Mainly because we have family all around us and that is ALWAYS a wonderful thing! Ruth and Breanna and their babies flew in on Monday. The Hynes family with their three kids came in on Tuesday. Juliet came on Wednesday and there are multiple Arizona Johnson's scattered about.
I haven't been getting my camera out as often as I should, so today I only have a few pictures to share. But what I really need to do is take a picture of everyone in our family room talking, because that is our favorite thing to do. Lots of memories and laughs. If you aren't here, I am not trying to rub this in your face, but you know how Johnson's are when they get together......they talk!

 Yesterday a few of the kids and I made "glop" at the table. Is is a liquid or is it a solid???? that's the fun, it is both, or neither, however you want to look at it~

 Elliott had a lot of fun stretching it to its limits. did Sarah.
 Another favorite thing has been the "frog walks" that are taken in the evening. We walk the golf course and find TONS of frogs (or toads, I am not sure which). Lund is holding four of them in this  picture!
                             Cassidy wasn't so sure when the toad promptly peed on her. But she will pick them up nonetheless. Some of the other kids weren't as brave and just wanted to look or touch. My kids don't mind getting toad pee and mud all over. Thanks guys!

Anyway, this doesn't even show a portion of the fun we have been having. Now, don't get me wrong, we have babies that need naps, chemo lady that needs naps, and grandma and grandpa that need naps, so we do a lot of juggling of kids/responsibilites. Plus, three days this week, I have been here at Mayo getting chemo and MRI's, so there has been a lot of help all around.
   Here is a list of other things that have been going down.......
     1. A lunch at Peter Piper Pizza for old time sake..
     2. Night swimming with lots of babies.
     3. Day swimming at Desert Oasis in Chandler.
     4. Dinner at Chipolte's
     5. Moving Grandma and Grandpa into their new house. This is an ongoing project. The big stuff is there thanks to the menfolk, and the packing and cleaning will continue..
     6. Eating frozen yogurt
     7. Splash pad at Chandler park
     8. I think they are going to the Southwest museum today....

Fun, fun, fun. And I just love having the family at my house. When I get tired, I can just go up and take a nap. How great is that?!!


annebabe said...

let me guess who the Peter Piper Pizza was for??? hhhmm . . . BONNIE! ha ha ha! SOO glad you're having a grand time with the Johnson clan. I think some of the best people in the whole wide world are in that family, yourself included. :)

tell everyone HI from me!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Pretty darn great!!!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures and fun times. You are such a good sport. You have not yet mentioned "the noise, noise, noise." That is a BIG part of these gatherings.
Love, Mom Johnson