Monday, June 27, 2011

11 things about my 11-year-old son~

My little baby boy turned 11 on Friday and although I am tempted to make him do 10 again so he won't grow up too fast, I feel I am out-voted by Father Time. So, in tribute to Lund turning 11, I will tell you 11 wonderful things about him.....
1.  He is very appreciative! His older sister, Cassidy, make him his cake and he was so gracious saying it was the best cake he had ever seen, etc.  He is always very gracious and appreciative when other's give him something or do something for him.

 2. He is a bit crazy! he will try almost anything, whether it is a fresh jalepeno challenge from Morgan's garden or trying to catch a water balloon that his dad shot 200 feet into the air. He is ALWAYS game for anything!
 3. he is very artistic! Here he was working with potter's clay, but he also is a great artist and his sketches are simply amazing!
4. He loves to get mail..."snail mail"! That is why the girls and I "sent" him some of his birthday presents this year. His face just lit up as he came back from the mailbox!!!! He is really wanting a pen pal, so if you have any boys his age, let me know, I think it would be really fun.

 5. He is ALWAYS the first one ready for church on Sunday. This gives him more time for his putting practice.
6. That kind of leads into the fact that he is ALWAYS the first child awake in the morning. He just does his own thing and loves hanging out with his dad before work. He is just my early bird.
 7. He is always wanting to have fun, even and especially at the expense of himself......
                                                                         End result!!!!
8. He can do math problems faster than I can, and more advanced than I will ever be. He actually studies and checks out physics books from the library and is the only kid I know who knows about the Fibbinacci code and has memorized pi.
9. He is NOT embarrassed to tell his mother that he loves her often, and in front of friends if need be.
10. He picks up any sport like a fish to water. Tried surfing: stood up on the board in the first half hour. Tried out for Majors baseball: Was on of the youngest ones to make any of the teams. Tried football: Did great and became an amazing reciever and quarterback. Also picked up golf and tennis like a pro.
11. He is the most sensitive 11-year-old that I know. He will give you his shirt off his back or his money or his food if he sees someone in need!!

That is just 11 of the many reasons why we love our 11-year-old son!!! Happy Birthday Lund!


Cheeri said...
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Cheeri said...

Sorry, I spelled something wrong and it was bugging me! I think your Lund and my Mason would make fast friends. They seem to have a lot in common and they're the same age too :)

Despain Family said...

Don't you love the individuality of each kid! I love how they each come with their "things". He sounds like a fun, smart kid!

Carmita said...

Lund is an amazing young man, and I miss him and all of you!

Wilson Winners said...

I know a great girl down the street who is 11, and would probably dig having a pen pal. I will ask her. Happy Birthday Lund you are a pretty amazing kid!

Love from Boise!