Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Faces Saga, Episode 2

Morgan and I have been busy this week re-doing the kids' bedrooms to suprize them when they get home from Cancer Camp this Saturday. Soooo, I am now very, very behind in my posting.
Here we go, back to the Family Reunion...
 We watched a couple of "shows" out front... What kind of shows you ask?
 The "Bike show" was pretty good until the actors crashed mid-scene....
 The "skateboard" show was also a big hit!

 The "Squirt yourself in the face"  show was very entertaining!
 Oh, and we LOVED the "night swimming" show...
 Actors: Elliot, Mike, and Archie
 Actors: Sarah, and Morgan.
 I really enjoyed watching the "I love my cousin" show!! Lund holding Archie
And last, but not least, the "I hope they call me on a mission" show was sooooo thrilling, except the actor wasn't quite big enough for his outfit.

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johnsonfamilybiggestloser said...

Such good looking actors in your shows!! I'm still missing being there...keep an ear out for pharmacist openings!