Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Big Surprize.....

This week our kids were at a wonderful camp for kids with parents who have cancer. They had the greatest time ever and I will write more about that on my next post, but for now, I want to tell you about our big suprize. The whole week, while the kids were enjoying s'mores and swimming and rockin' dance parties and ropes coarses, we were WORKING HARD!  We decided to suprize the kids by redoing their rooms while they were at camp. I forgot to take "before" pictures, but you're sure to enjoy the "after".
 I picked bubblegum pink and lime green for the girls room and I LOVED the end result! Morgan did all the chair moulding and that is what made it all look so great. Thanks Morgan!
 I wanted a vanity table for the girls so they can get ready for school in style. Love the mirror! (Thx Ikea)
 Sarah was the first one to see her room and she was REALLY excited!!!!
Lund was excited as well about his room. We did the boys' room a little more low-key with two shades of blue.
 My girls really liked the vanity!!! Such beautiful girls!
 Cassidy LOVED her new pink, soft body pillow and decided to hide under all the softness.
 And Sarah got a lime green body pillow and loved enveloping herself in comfort.
 Daddy was pretty excited for the girls too. (And that the project was finally over!)
 Here are some more views of the boys' room. I haven't hung up any picutures yet though.
 The boys were excited to get a new bean bag chair, which they quickly used as a weapon.
And we need to give a HUGE thank you to Grandpa Wiemer who brought over his "paint box" and got to work. He is an amazing painter and it was so great to have his help. Grandma Wiemer also came over and made sure Will was out of the way, which is a HUGE job!! Thanks, and thanks again to Mom and Dad.

I don't think we will embark on another project for a while, but it was sure worth all the work to see the kids light up after they saw their rooms.


runningfan said...

What an awesome project! That's a ton of work for one've got some lucky kiddos! Such a fun surprise!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

HOW AWESOME!! and what a fun thing to come home too! :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I am very jealous of the girls' room! I love the colors, and I love the chair rail. Next cancer camp you and Morgan get to take a trip up to Boise to do my room! Love you!