Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds...

While a lot of Morgan's family was around for their gathering, we opted to visit the "old stomping grounds". This is the house that Morgan grew up in. His parents lived there for 15 years before moving to Pocatello. For the Johnson's, these pictures might be a trip down memory lane.
                                                          Recognize these adorable folks?
                                 Good ole' 1734 E. Glade. Here we have Ruth, Juliet, Morgan, and his parents.
 This is the same swingset Morgan played on as a child. They changed the other half of the backyard and added a pool.
 This is the chalkboard where Morgan's mom homeschooled Ruth and many a message was shared.
And while we were in the basement, Cassidy found this goody. Does anyone out there remember "Pogo" balls? They are about the same era as "Moon shoes". That really dates me, but I guess they are bringing these silly things back. I didn't really think they went over all that well the first go round.
   Thank you Householder family for hooking us up with this great tour. It was awesome!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, you got some great pictures. That old house holds fond memories.

Shelly said...

Oh my heck! Some good times in that house and on that swing set jumping from the top onto the tramp. Good times!!