Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beautiful family faces all around..

We had a great Sunday Family Dinner at our house after Archie was blessed in my living room. By the way, we were honored to have a baby blessing in our home! Such a wonderful Spirit!

Then it was onto the food and family......
                                          Here is the whole Shumway clan.
 And I got this great idea off the internet to give the kids a roll of painters tape to use as a "road". Totally worth it!!! It was so fun to see how the "road" evolved around the whole house!
 Man, that is one cute kid!!! Little Chase!
 And there was an impromptu "Fashion Show" after Cassidy and Lucy had fun up in my closet.
 See, look how much fun they are having! My couch was even included in the "road". I love how Elliot is looking like, "I had nothing to do with this at all."
                                        Cousins lining up the hotwheels cars.
 Papa and little Ellie!
 Elliot added the "boardwalk". How creative!
 Such happy folks. This was right after the blessing!  Gramma Karen, Juliet, and proud mommy and daddy, Bonnie and Mike. And of course, the star.......Archer!!!
But watch out, there are crazy relatives like this lurking about!!!! he he he.


Strong Family - said...

I used to make roads with tape like that for Jacob. I totally forgot about that! I'll have to make some for Connor and Landon now. Glad you had fun with family!

LUND said...

good memories because we were there and saw the fun and creativity flowing from the young grandkids and the Spirit decending without compulsory means upon us all. Great Blessings from Heaven and love from all.
Thanks for capturing it.