Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Diego Family Vacation

So, we just got back from our family vacation to San Diego, and the kids had a tremendous time!!! It is going to take me a few blog posts to get through it all... so be patient. Plus, I got sick the second half of the trip and I am still not 100% yet, so patient. (I am used to being (a) patient!he he)

We went to San Diego from June 8th thru June 13th and when we got there the first day, it was already dark, and very cold.....

 But did the kids care?!   Nope, they went straight into the freezing surf.

 The next morning, we started early. It was cloudy and cold most of the time on the trip, but the kids didn't ever seem to notice.  This picture is Will trying to figure out the boogie board...
 Sarah loved boogey boarding, even though she looks like she is screaming. Those are shouts of joy!
  Morgan took a candid of me at the beach. I am the chicken in the sweatshirt!
 Lund rented a surfboard with his own money....and we will show you the surfing pictures on the next blog....see...patience! he he
 We also had tons of fun looking in the tidepools when the waves were far away.

Now you have to wait for the next installment......
 Just to give you a glimpse......there will be dolphins, surfboards, sand, starfish, and even sunshine....yes, sunshine folks !
 When I am at the Mayo clinic for my four-hour chemo tomorrow, I will try to catch up on some more blogs.


Wilson Winners said...

So glad you updated your blog. Looks like you guys had fun and I cant wait for the next post, you are good at building suspense. I will be thinking about you tomorrow during your treatment.

Love from Boise!

johnsonfamilybiggestloser said...
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Bonnie Hynes said...

So you didn't fall off the face of the earth! Just California :). I live your cowboy hat look! One if my favorites. Good luck tomorrow!

Hynes to az countdown: 11 !!!!!!!!!

annebabe said...

hip hip hooray! you're back to bloggin! I may not be the most faithful commenter, but I am a faithful reader and I'm glad you're giving me new stuff to read. :) I'm with Heather, you're good at building suspense, can't wait to hear more of your fun times. :)