Friday, June 17, 2011

Surf City, Here we come!!!

This was the first trip to California that we let our kids "surf" instead of just using their boogey boards. Lund has been DYING to surf everytime we go to Cali. This time he had his own money, so he rented his own board. Cassidy decided to do the same and they had a LOT of fun.
 Will wanted to try it too. Morgan got him out there....
 ..............but after one huge wipeout, he was finished!!  I can hear that scream from here!!!
 Here are Cassidy and Lund getting ready to try their hand at hanging 10.
 Lund took to it like a fish to water. After a few minutes, he was up on his board!
 This is my favorite!! He is sooooooo proud of himself, and he should be for his first surfing experience!
 He loved waiting for the perfect wave.
 And then he would pop up on his feet.....
 And ride it all the way to the beach.
Me and my boys.
 Cassidy enjoyed the experience of the surfboard, but wasn't as daring as her brother.
She loved to get up on her knees though. Great effort from both kids!!!! I LOVE that they tried something new!
....stay tuned for more!
p.s. My first trial study chemo session went well. Did you know that only about 20-80 patients in the whole nation get to trial this med?  I feel really blessed. Plus, Mayo has been running the study for over a year, so they have ironed out all the "bugs". Awesome! And NO side effects!!!!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

ALRIGHT!! I'm soo happy the new meds are going well!! NO SIDE AFFECTS!!! I'll cheer to that YAHHHH!! RAH RAH!!!!

P.s. cute kids, but i'm sure you already new that! :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I am so happy for you christa...what a blessing! Lund and Cassidy are amazing! It's ok will, next year you'll get it!

Countdown to az: still 11

Carmita said...

I love the pictures of the surfing, and so glad that you are having a great time with no side effects from the Chemo!!!!