Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bailing to Bagdad...

Every once in a while we get to accompany Morgan to Bagdad for a work trip and the kids LOVE it! They love to see our old house (we even stayed the night there which was a combination of awesome and weird), and they especially LOVE to see the people there that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Thank you Pacheco's for hosting all 6 of us with a smile on your faces!!
 While the menfolk were at work, we got together with a bunch of friends at the Bagdad park and had a picnic lunch. These cute girls were hanging out in the giant willow tree. Tori, Cassidy, and EmmaLee.
 These monkeys were hanging all over the "yellow death" park toy. Landon, Andrew, Will, and Jazzlyn.
..And my, how Eric has grown!
 The Hulse twins and their little brother up above.
The baseball boys!! Connor, Lund, Taylor, and Canyon.
 And look at this tree monkey!
 And these boys were racing on their reliable horses... Will, Andrew and Camden.
 Crazy group: Brody, Canyon, Wyatt, Stevie, Sarah, and Haylee
 I love this picture because it shows what Bagdad really looks like. A park and baseball field right next to the wide open desert.  Oh, and Connor and Lund are pretty awesome too!
 Then we headed to the Bagdad pool. And these two are always trouble together. Hannah and Will
  Friendly faces: Stevie, Delany and Sarah.
Oh boy, these two had MANY adventures together before we moved. Wyatt and Sarah!

It is always great to see friendly faces and get a break from the heat. We sure do love Bagdad!

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Farr Family said...

You guys always have so much fun!! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being my HERO!!! We love you!