Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet Tomato is pretty Sweet!

Yesterday before I headed over to "whole brain radiation", I got to have lunch with some amazing relatives of mine. I just love Morgan's family to death and his Aunt Judi and Uncle Buck have been some of my favorite people for a long time. I mean, when we were first married, we would crash over at their house and raid their fully-stocked pantry or go camping with them on a weekend. Now they have grandkids of their own and their cute family just continues on.
 We met at Sweet Tomato, which was such a great place to eat, and enjoyed the company. My own kids were all at school and playdates, so I just got to enjoy the relatives. Amazing!!!

 Here we have Zoey, CoriAnn, Ellie, Raychelle, Brigham and Chase. You might get confused because they are from three different families all together here.
         These two are the same age and they were both trying to be "taller than each other". I think it is pretty tied to date. Ellie and Brigham---age 4.
 We ate and then walked around back to feed the ducks and turtles. Very beautiful, but lots of shadows, sorry.
 Tiffany and I hanging out with her youngest, Zoey! Tiffany drove back up to Utah after lunch, so she had quite the day ahead of her. Super brave girl!
And here is a happy shot of us all hanging out with kids and family. I just love being around family and you can't find better people in this world than the Shumway clan!! (p.s. A set of parents, Danny and Lindsi, aren't pictured here because they were signing on a new house while we had the kids at lunch. Sorry to miss you, but happy for your new house!)


Jeremy and Ruth said...

What fun!! You look beautiful by the way! :)

Ian said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy the deliciousness of Sweet Tomatoes, my mom was just visitng and brought us there, she said it was a Sisters Reunion Tradition (glad we were let in on the secret!)