Sunday, April 17, 2011

Colors and favorite things....

Tonight we had a dinner/Family Home Evening at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's apartment. It was wonderful and the first thing that assaulted my senses...........COLORS!!!!! Look how beautiful the colors on the table are and in the bowl, which is my favorite!!!! Man, I ate a lot of that fruit!!!
 And for the lesson, Grandma had everyone bring a "favorite thing" with them to dinner. It was open to interpretation and it was fun to see the results....
 Will picked "Hot Wheels" as his favorite thing and especially his Hot Wheels container that he loves to stand on. he says that they are his favorite thing because they are "So fast!"
 Sarah was next with her pillow pet that looks a bit like a Heffalump nowadays. She told how she got it and how soft and wonderful it makes her feel each night.
 Lund was all about his skateboard and all that it entails. He also likes that he bought it off a buddy for 2.00, so he feels it is also a great deal. Warren was very complimentary of the said skateboard.
 Cassidy brought a list and DIDN'T want her picture taken. here is the compromise... On her list, Family, Singing, Acting, and Friends. Grandpa mentioned that if she likes acting so much, she might want to get used to cameras!
 Warren was so excited about his "mechanical pencil". He is in Law School at ASU and talks of all the other students on their laptops, but he has always loved to take notes with his mechanical pencil, (.5 variety).
 I got to present my well-loved, well-worn "Mad Dog". It is very sentimental to me because Morgan gave him to me 14-years-ago when I was at Ricks College and sick and he showed up at my doorstep with this brand-new dog with a doctor thing on the head. SSSOOOOOO CUUUTTTEE!!! And Morgan has been just as amazing all along the way!!
 Morgan couldn't bring his thing with him, because his thing is our house.  He just loves "owning" our first house and putting sweat equity into it. And he is really good at that!!!
 You can see the happiness on Grandma Karen's face as she tells of her broach that Grandpa brought her back from Scotland, even before they were dating. It was an adorable story, and the stone in the broach is made from "Karen stone". Perfect!
And to finish off, we had Grandpa in all smiles as he shows off his favorite thing....... can you guess???? TWO DOLLAR BILLS!!!  He loves that they are different, and fun and easy to give away and everybody notices them.


Jeremy and Ruth said...

WONDERFUL!! I wish I were there! I think I just my use this FHE idea! :)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...



Bonnie Hynes said...

How nice to share that with us Bly favorite thing just might be your blog updates! :)

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

Such a great FHE! I love reading your blog! You have such a sweet family! I can't believe you have had the dog for 14 years. That's so sweet!