Friday, April 15, 2011

For all the miracles great and small..... the Lord God made them all!

                  Disclaimer: Peeps have NOTHING to do with this post, but I just couldn't help it.. If you wanted to get really scriptural on me. It could be The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost Peep entities. But I am pretty sure that crosses many lines of blasphemy and lots of sugar!

I have been sitting here thinking about so many miracles that have played a part in my life recently and I thought that I would just spout them out for all to hear..... Some are small and some are monumental, but they all add up to a Loving Father in Heaven looking out for each of us.
                        Miracles in List form (no rhyme or reason included)
1. The headaches I was having could not have been caused by the brain tumors because they were too small. Neurosurgeon is stumped, Christa is grateful! Headaches=miracle. (Otherwise, my body would have waited until I had bueno!)
2. The all day appointment today at the renowned Mayo Clinic of Scottsdale showed us the light up ahead in many ways, one including a clinical trail that is supposed to be superb that I am probably going to do. (As long as my tumors are special enough.... come on special!!)
3. After my case being reviewed by a panel of doctors at Mayo clinic, and then a Fellow doctor and then the actual doctor, we all came to the conclusion, that I must be the ROCK STAR of all breast cancer patients because my cancer story doesn't fit ANY of the preselected scenarios. I feel a bit cool in a weird sort of way, and I am not quite sure I want to pick up a trophy for this one. But on that same note, I can rock my case anyway I like since I am the one and only and not be bogged down by statistics and jumblymuck!
4. It is a miracle that my parents have stayed in Hawaii even though this has all been going on. The reason I say this is because I entered the ER the night they arrived in Hawaii and they had no clue anything was going on. They had set up back up plans with my sisters in case I would be needing anything and everything was hunky dorey.  By the time they were touching down in Hawaii, I was learning that my brain might be needing to be opened in the next few hours.  We prayed and felt that we should wait out the next two scans before we called mom and dad. After the CT and MRI showed 4 brain tumors on "functional" spots of my brain, they decided they would do more damage "scrambling the egg" so to speak.  So, then we were able to let mom and dad know that they were needed right there in Hawaii and in the Hawaiian Temple and boosting up their spirits for when they return. And that has been a HUGE miracle! I read what they are doing, I see the pictures, and I feel sooooo strongly of their spirit as they are having one of the most amazing experiences of their lives and it recharges my whole soul! Thank you mom and dad for letting me push you into staying on your vacation!!!! The greatest moment that I will never forget from this whole ordeal was the end of the phone call as mom and dad said, "We will now kneel right here in Hawaii and pray immediately for you!" I will never forget that!
5. I feel it is a miracle that we live here in our cozy coul-de-sac and have a blanket of love constantly around us. Neighbors are either at my hospital room rubbing my feet, or dropping off flowers and water bottles to be grabbed up by little hands. They sit outside in our grass and talk to our kids, mentor our kids, love our kids. A walk to the mailbox means saying hi to all along the way and asking Logan Pinkerton what position he played in baseball today, to which his mom replies chuckling..."Logan played right bench!".... And so it goes, a coul-de-sac of magic proportions because the "magic" is the love from each of the members in it!
6. I feel blessed to have two sisters who treat me like I am a queen and protect me and look out for me and can pick up my kids and just love all over them for a whole weekend if needed. Alisha has always been my older sister, and I would have to say that Becky as well, has filled in a lot of the maturity there too. I think I might have moved to third sister.... And Ryan might sidestep past me someday as well. But he is still 10 years my younger brother... sooo maybe I still have a chance .
7. When I went into the ER, they took my blood. They said that I had a Staff infection and that it was bad. So they drew more blood work thinking it could be MRSA, which is worse. this went on for a few days. they gave me heavy bombshell medicines and the infectious disease guy came in and said that I had Staff infection. 8 hours later, the next doctor came in and said. There is no Staff infection. It must have been contaminated. hhhhhuuuummmm..... I think we are just going to go with miracle for this one because I am glad I am not dealing with MRSA. I am still taking big fat huge ugly Augmentin pills that make me sooooo nauseous. Oh, the price you pay for miracles... he he he
8. Found out today that the crazy Freddy Kruger mask they have to put on me when I do my whole brain radiation everyday, I get to keep it when I am all done. Just think of the fun we can have with that....We can bolt other peoples heads to boards, we can use it as a Halloween bowl. Grandma says to plant flowers out of it... hummmmm. Morgan said that we need to find a gelatinous goo that will slowly fill it up and you will have a perfect representation of my face.....hummmm
9. I might not really lose my hair from my whole brain radiation treatments, just my whole brain. (Well, we hope we keep the brain as a souvenir prize)
10. The last miracle was tooo huge to list with all the other "small" happenings......

   Lund (The Grandfather) Johnson Miracle........
  +Here is a glimpse into the most amazing miracle in town.......
Grandpa's schedule today
 Get Sarah up early and get her ready
 Drop her off at school at 8:30am for field trip
Run back home and keep working on getting other kids ready
Take all the kids to school at 10:35am and make it back in time for Will to catch his 11:15am bus at the house
1:45 Run back to the school to pick up Sarah from her field trip
2:45 be at home so Will's bus will drop him off.
3:45 Grandpa gets Will ready to leave on a playgroup
4:20  Cassidy and Lund come piling in from school
4:30 piano teacher shows up on doorstep and lessons begin.
5:30pm We all crash at the table in front of Arby's Roast beef sandwiches

*I bet grandpa sleeps well tonight!!!!!!

Wow, we are blessed and that is my message from my lazy boy ramiumptum tonight!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

COUNT YOU MANY BLESSINGS!! You are a blessing i my live, and so is your blog! I love reading it!!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a blessed Day and I loved being a very small and simple part of it -- you forgot that I also took Lund to get a new fish between Sarah and school. It was tremendous and I also got to read most of "Tennis Shoes among the Nephites" So it was a GREAT day!!!

PinkyMcG said...

if anyone deserves miracle upon miracle it is you! always knew you were "special"! sending hugs to you from 1,000s of miles away.

Wilson Winners said...

Awesome entry, enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting, you are amazing, I vote for a 'Christa's head' jello mold at the reunion dinner, grape eyeballs and the works! AWESOME use of your old mask.

Love from Boise,


PS Kimo suggested lime and cottage cheese jello. Ha ha!

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love the lazy boy rameumtum! Too funny Christa! Thank you for counting your blessings, it helps me reflect on my own blessings, which are many. You are one of them...I love you!