Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock Hounds!!

Last week was the last week of winter break for the kids. I had been wanting to take them on a bit of a field trip to hunt for apache tears (a certain kind of black rock that if you hold it up to the sun, you can see through it. ),and it turned out to be wonderful times. My mom helped me out by coming along and we got to invite Brody, my little cousin and the kids also invited our neighbor friend Jeremy. We had a great time once the locals decided to tell us where to look. The first group of locals was asked weren't very cooperative.
I can still remember that our elementary school went on a field trip to probably this very same spot and hammered out some apache tears that we thought were pretty amazing treasures.
Here is Brody, cute as a bug, with his sunglasses, hammer and of course..juice box! He was ready!

Lund and Jeremy were pounding away at this rock to see if they could find any apache tears hidden inside.
Will thought it was more fun to run his Tonka truck all over everything and pick up rocks willy nilly to place in the bed of the truck.
                   These guys are serious now because they are wearing proper safety gear!
                                Here is grandma helping the boys determine what kind of a rock they found.
                                            It was a wonderful field trip and it even earned Lund his geology pin for Webelos. hooray! That is what i call killing two birds with one apache tear......not the bird in your arms Sarah, don't you worry!
                                              Grandma and all the kids
                                         And the cab driver (oh wait, that is me...heheh) with the kids
We had an amazing time and I think I want to go back with our 4 wheel drive Pilot and my hubby too, cause I think it would be a wonderful family adventure.

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what a cute cab driver!! :)