Friday, January 14, 2011

What 2010 held, and an amazing year is yet to come... stand by!!

I stole this idea from a friend, but I think we should all take time to reflect on our year....

What happened in 2010:
1. Purchased our first house
2. Survived a year of cancer
3. Lived in an apartment for 5 months even though I swore off appartments 10 years ago. (while waiting for house)
4. Oldest child started to babysit brothers and sisters.
5. Read lots of books
6. Learned how to manage side effects of chemo while still functioning as a mom (with help from family and the Relief Society of El Dorado Ward)
7. Diagnosis changed from stage 3 to stage 4 in September
8. Completed radiation treatments
9. Took a family trip to Pocatello in October
10. Moved to Gilbert, Arizona from Bagdad, Arizona

Here's what I am working on for the new year:
 1. Youngest child is in CTR class in Primary
 2. Take a cruise/Disney trip with the family
 3. Go to Medical conference in Feb in Florida to learn more about my disease
 4. Going on bike rides constantly....Love the new beach cruiser and really love the extra attachment for Will to ride with me.
 5. My oldest child will enter Young Women's in Feb. (What!!?)
 6. My 2nd child will be an 11-year-old scout this year in June
 7. Planning on taking a few or more trips in our pop up trailer...California beaches, camping, etc.
 8. Cancer isn't going to run my life, I will run my life and cancer can sit on the sidelines and watch...(As long as cancer cheers at the appropriate times and doesn't yell at the coach or interferre with MY game)
 9. Take a trip somewhere with just my hubby (o.k., this is wishful thinking, but sounds awesome!)
 10. Excited to watch yet another season of Psych! (For now I will have to settle for re-runs)
11. Sarah gets baptized in May!!!
12. Youngest childs enters kindergarten next fall!
 13. MD Anderson Hospital is coming to Gilbert in the fall. I can't wait for that building to get finished!
 14. My In-laws will move to Gilbert, AZ to be closer to my family... we will have lots of fun times!
 15.  I will also have lots of fun times with my family that is now all gathered here in the Valley O' the Sun, except Ryan who is still at BYU.

What wonderful things I have to look forward to this year and I bet you do too. Take the time to write it down so you can see how amazing your life is!!!


annebabe said...

love LOVE love it!! great year ahead of you, so many things to be excited about. :) and we were looking into a disney cruise vacation too. In the Feb issue of Family Fun magazine, they review 5 kid/family/disney cruises and it was a really interesting article. Don't know if you can find it online or if you have to buy the magazine but if you are interested in family cruises, think you should read it. :)

Farr Family said...

Sounds like an amazing year ahead for your family! I can't wait to read and see it all on your blog! We love you lots!

Happy said...

Hey Johnson's; If you drive to FL, you are more than welcome to stop and stay with us for a day or two to break up the trip. You will always be welcome in our home. Let us know. I like your idea list as well. I will have to put one together for Mark and I to see what we get accomplished for 2011.
Love you guys.