Monday, January 10, 2011

Sno' Momma

I am a bit behind in my posting....
For New Years Eve we had a wonderful offer to go up to a cabin owned by a couple in our ward. We will be eternally grateful for their offer because we really, really had a great time. I was still on anti-nausea meds and did go to bed relatively early, but it was still a great memory had by all. And if you are wondering why you don't see Sarah in any of the pictures, it is because she wanted to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house and get spoiled all by herself and hang out with her Uncle Ryan. I will post her fun times in a later post.

 Here is the beautiful cabin (house) we stayed in... and look how much snow there was on the ground in Payson! Crazy and wonderful!
 The pool table downstairs. Morgan was teaching Cass and Lund all about the marevelous aspects of pool. For the record, I STINK at pool!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

 The view from the back patio overlooking Payson, Arizona. It is a small, cozy town.

 Then Morgan taught the kids the marvelous aspects of Texas Hold'em. Didn't they learn such great things?! he he.  They need to work on their "poker faces",  you can read them like a book!
 The next morning, we hit the slopes!! O.K. it was really only the slopes at the local park and we were actually sledding, but it was INCREDIBLY fun!!
 Look at Will flying down the hill!! He is so light that he just whipped right down those hills!
   Lund was braver than most and tried hills and jumps and had a grand ole' time.
 Even Dad and Mom got in on the action! My picture is on the heading of the blog.
 Sometimes they would wipeout, but look at him smiling through it all!!!

 What was Will's favorite thing?? Eating snow of course!!!!!
Snow sure is a LOT of fun, but I think I will take my warm home and Valley weather and just visit the snow occasionally!


Bonnie Hynes said...

That makes me miss our Downey family cabin time! That's a great opportunity you guys had...I love those kind of memories. Thanks for sharing

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Looks like an Idaho type of family activity. WHAT A FUN ARIZONA PLACE to take kids and enjoy the outdoors when it is cold and wet and white.

We will be acoming this weekend -- if the Idaho and Utah Snows don't stop us.

Gwen said...

Yup! That is just how my NYC apartment looks. ha. Howard and I sled to the subway every day...well not exactly, but the snow truly does improve our "concrete world". Thank goodness for a white blanket of snow to make the city a softer, cleaner place to be! Glad that you had fun. We love you.