Monday, December 13, 2010

The stress is building.....

In case you didn't get my text today, I will let you know what is going on in our neck of the woods.
  Today I was supposed to get the results from my PET scan to see if the Xeloda chemo medicine has been working or not. So I spent a while down at my oncologist office trying to get the answers out of them...but they were too busy and after about a half hour, I gave up on that route. So I left a detailed message on the nurses hotline to get back with me as soon as possible about the results. I went home and was exhausted to I took a cat nap and put the cell phone right beside my bed in case they called. They didn't.
  Later, Morgan asked me if I had heard the message from the nurse. WHAT???!!! The nurse had called our land line that we really never use while I had been taking my cat nap and left a message. This is what is said..." Don't take your Xeloda anymore, the doctor will call you with more details but you need to stop taking the medicine. I have the results in front of me, but I will have the doctor go over with them with you."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? And guess what else.... the doctor never did call me to go over the results. arggggg!!!
 Here's what we know, just by deciephering the nurses encoded message.
    1. the chemo medicine must not be working or else they would have me keep taking the medicine.
    2. the cancer must be growing because even if it was just stalling at the same size, they would still have me take this medicine.

So now you know everything I do... and that isn't much!! Hopefully tomorrow will bring more answers and some chocolate.  Love you all!!


Wilson Winners said...

Luv you guys. I am sorry I know this is not the news any of us wanted to hear. Keep us posted on the details as they come available if you want to. Sending support from Boise!



The Davenports said...

Just got your text this morning, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear what the doctor says. Keep us all updated. I love you and my prayers are with you!!

Erin said...

Stupid nurse! Stupid doctor! Don't they realize what they're doing to you??? I'm hoping that there's another reason they want you to stop with the Xoleda... Maybe it worked so well, that stupid cancer is completely gone! Fingers crossed. Love you, Christa!

runningfan said...

Hang in there! I'm trying to track down a surgery date for Lexi for a much less significant issue and I'm going crazy....I can't imagine how you must feel!

PinkyMcG said... time I find myself in AZ, you will take me to your doctor's office and I will show what a New Yorker attitude looks like! Sending hugs your way!

Despain Family said...

That stinks. Waiting for something like that is hard. We just found out my dad most likely has pancreatic cancer and they are playing the waiting game, too. Keep us posted!

Lydia Hulse said...

Okay, so I hope that you can wait for some chocolate until we come down after Christmas, I have a big box of it, with your name on it! Love ya so much, thanks for the update.