Sunday, December 12, 2010

December is a busy month full of love and laughter and a LOT of other stuff!!!

(Cancer update: I had my PET scan on Friday afternoon and should hopefully find out the results Monday afternoon. This will tell if the cancer is spreading or hybernating..... lets pray for the former. Also, today I felt good enough to go to the full three-hour block of church. Hooray!)

Well, I haven't been gone or anything, just really, really busy. December is a wonderful month full of love and Christianity, and giving. It also happens to be full of parties, recitals, pack meetings, caroling, and many, many more activities.

So, without further ado, welcome to our week....

 Last Sunday I decided to let the kids make and decorate Christmas cookies after church. Any mom who is in her right mind seeing these pictures is thinking, "Why are you letting them decorate those messy cookies in their Sunday clothes? Are you kidding me?!!!!" But alas, it all worked out in the end thanks to Oxyclean and a good laundry detergent.

And things got a little bit crazy after the sugar started flowing.....

 Yummy and colorful and very kid-friendly. (They don't look like the  picture in the magazine, but it's the memories that count!)
 And here is Sarah. I didn't get a picture of Cassidy and Lund, because they ran off to the trampoline right after they stuffed their faces with cookies and candy.
 Also, we had the Christmas piano recital for Cassidy and Lund. They have been doing so well keeping up with their piano lessons since we moved into our new house. I am definitly proud of these guys and their progress. Cassidy looked simply BEAUTIFUL!! She even borrowed my pearl necklace and earrings. (And yes, those are high heels she is wearing... she looked very grown up.I am not even old enough for high heels yet!)
 And after her solo, she and her piano teacher (who is amazing), played a beautiful duet. She got nervous and made a few mistakes this year, but she plugged through and finished with her head held high.
 And here is Lund introducing himself before he played his songs.
                                                   .......his solo..................
                                              ............and his duet. He did wonderful and he has practiced every chance he got and it really showed during his recital. (That is a plug for practicing!)
 Then, Tuesday night we were back to the church for Lund's pack meeting. He has really been chugging along in his Webelos book and he recieved one belt loop and two pins this month. Way to go! Santa gave him his awards!
 And Thursday Sarah had her school performance for her class. She did an amazing job memorizing her parts and really enjoyed the whole performance and you can see here.
                        .........don't you love how much she gets into it!!!!!! She is DEFINITELY a Johnson!!
                                                          you Sarah!
                                             And Sarah is here with her teacher. They get along wonderfully! She is really having a great school year!
 So, what do you think? Does it look like December has hit our house??? Oh yeah!!! Next week stay tuned for..... ward Christmas party, feeding the missionaries, karate, volleyball, ice skating, another school performance, Morgan's work  party, caroling, and preschool gingerbread party. I am tired just thinking about it!!!!

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Bonnie Hynes said...

Whew! I agree that December is for sure the craziest month of the year! What is the deal...can't we just sit back and ENJOY Christmas like we did when we were kids? Keep it up, glad you had a great week, and good luck on your PET results!