Sunday, December 5, 2010

A family-filled weekend! (A fun-filled weekend too!)

This weekend we had a great time celebrating two very important events. The first was held at Joe's BBQ in Gilbert. We were celebrating my little brother's 22nd birthday. He came home from BYU to have a fun birthday with his family. And let me just tell you that the BBQ meat there is to DIE for!!!!!!
 Here is the whole gang at our long table, minus a few children who were hiding from the camera.
 And here's the birthday boy!!!! And yes ladies, he is a returrn missionary, and his is single!! he he.. Now he is going to kill me!
           .......And can you guess what he got for his birthday present. His camera is also intrigal in his marketing major at BYU.
 Isn't he adorable!!!!! I told Lund that we were going to his uncle's birthday dinner. (His middle name is Ryan, named after, well, Ryan!), and he dressed himself all handsome for the event. He really loves his uncle!
  Cousin Brody was all smiles, until he fell off his chair halfway through the dinner and gave himself ANOTHER goose egg on this head. Poor guy!
 And don't we all remember being in this stage of life!!! (The grumpy preteen stage).... She's soo adorable! And that is BBQ sause on her arm, not blood.
 But, Cassidy and the other cousins are all smiles when you put an adorable baby in front of them. And that leads us to our second family event. Raelynn was blessed today by her daddy!!! It was a beautiful blessing and the Spirit was very strong. She is such an adorable baby!
 Someone wasn't thrilled that he wasn't the baby anymore, so grandpa carried Will around a bit!
 And here are all the Wiemer grandkids!!! (I can't believe we got all 10 of them in a picture!)
 Such goofballs: Left to right: Kayla with Raelynn in her arms, Kade, Cooper, Candin with Brody in her arms, Sarah, Cassidy (The hiding one), Will, and Lund (the serious one)
 And here is the whole clan: All the siblings from our side of the family and each of their families as well.
 And of course, we had to do a goofy pose!!!!
 ........And here is the girl of the hour!!!
                                       ...........and her beautiful mommy!
she is sooo cute! I guess it has been a while since we have had a baby around. My babies are all getting old and grumpy... he he he
   I love you all and hope you are surrounded by family as well this time of the year!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Family! Yours is beautiful, all of them. Neat that Ryan could be there for his birthday AND the blessing. Weimer's do know how to gather.
Love to all,
Mom and Dad Johnson

Bonnie Hynes said...

Cassidy sure loves her beret!! So cute. I wish we could have enjoyed the bbq with you wouldn't mind some Hynes crashing your Wiemer party right? Love you!

Wilson Winners said...

Looks like fun, Realynn is Lilly's middle name, so I definitely partial to it! I super love the pics of Cassidy, she is just like her cousin Joy, so fun for you! ;) You have a beautiful family!

Luvs from Boise, MUAH!

Becky Rogers said...

Thanks so much for bringing your camera and capturing a special day for us. I was so happy that you were able to come. I will have to steal some of these pictures and put them on my blog. :)