Saturday, September 18, 2010

We LOVE Saturday....

Saturday has always been my favorite day because you have your family gathered around you... and you can get sooo much done!!!
Today, we cleaned the garage out a lot, planted two trees (Morgan did this), rode bikes, went shopping for decor with Grandma Wiemer (Christa did this), played with neighbor kids, went to a neighborhood birthday party (Cass and Lund), Spend time with Grandpa and Grandpa while mom and dad went to go buy trees (Will and Sarah), and even ate pizza for dinner. Awesome, awesome day. The only setback was the HEAT.....109 in the middle of September! Wowza!
Will decided to help Dad dig holes for trees.
And here is a view of our day... running through sprinklers and melting in the heat. Each ray from the sunshine is worth about 50 degrees a piece!! Can't you just "feel" the heat through your screen!

Sarah was soooooo excited to pump up her tires and hit the road, it has been a long time in the making. She received this bike for her birthday on May 2nd, and then we moved and it sat in storage. That is why her smile is soooo big, it was like Christmas!
And then Will decided to "pump" up as well! Look at those chicken legs in his boxers!! he he
Here are my riding buddies. We rode around and around the could-a-sac and enjoyed ourselves and sweated up a storm!

And did you notice Cassidy and Lund are missing in all the pictures? That is because once their chores were done, they were missing from our house! They always seem to end up at the Smiths house two doors down. And who can blame them, they have a REAL cotton candy machine just like in a carnival and a REAL ice cream maker just like in an ice cream parlor. And guess what their dad does? he is a dentist of course, to fix all the cavities! I think he is just creating more business basically! For the next post, I will have to track them down and get some photos.


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Looks really HOT !!! But the view from your back yard is beautiful. More trees is an excellent Idea. Family riding in 100 degree weather, I am not so sure!! But we use to do that in the days of yesteryear!
How blessed Arizona is to have JOHNSONS back in Gilbert/Mesa Area.
Hoping to see you guys soon !!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Looks like you guys are sooo happy to be in your new house!!! And that view is BEAUTIFUL!!!! For those of us that have lived is Arizona, they can sure feel the heat! I think i sweated a little looking at these!:) Saturday is a SPECIAL day! :)

Juliet said...

Nice house Christa! What a view. I actually miss the heat sometimes.. it's all about the rain here :)

Gwen said...

Cotton candy machine and an ice cream machine and definitely picked the right neighbors!...and the house looks pretty good too! Good job, just stay in the shade.whew!