Friday, September 24, 2010

We have got a nudist on the loose!!!

I am not quite sure what to do with this kid?! He is quite the streaker lately, and I am at a loss as to how to handle him.
In the first picture he had just taken a bath and he ran down the stairs dripping wet and yelled, "I am cold!" Then he ran out the arcadia door and decided to get some heat. He ran around in the backyard in the nude until we made him come in. I hope the golfers didn't mind!
Thank you Morgan for helping me "censor" this picture with your fancy computer skills!
Then this evening, I went with Lund and Cassidy to drop their friend off at their house. Let me set the scene for you, I was gone for only about five minutes and it was close to eight o'clock so it was dark outside. When I pulled into the cul-de-sac, I saw a small figure walking in front of our neighbors house in a robe or something. I told Cassidy and Lund that the shape was about the size of Will. When I got out of the car, Will yelled from three houses down, "They put this one me so no one will see my privates!"
Oh my goodness, it WAS Will! And he was wrapped in a towel that the neighbors put on him after he came to their door and rang the doorbell in the nude. Oh, excuse me, he wasn't completely naked, he had socks on and a picture of Jesus and the 10 Lepers covering his sensitive areas. Poor neighbors, that must have been a bit suprizing!
I ran into the house and Morgan said, "where did he come from? I thought he was with you!" Well, we had a bit of communication gap it seems.
But then again, Sarah actually had a hand in it because she got a flashlight and flashed it down the street and told him to "go follow the light!" Really Sarah?!!!
Do you like my one dollar son?!
And in his hand is the picture of Jesus and the Lepers, except he has it turned backwards.
What on Earth am I going to do with him????


Strong Family - said...

Oh that made me laugh!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

OH MY!!! I read this and was LAUGHING SOO HARD!!!! I am at my in-laws and i was laughing so hard everybody ran to the computer to see what i was laughing at... hahhahahah i LOVE IT!!! classic!! Communication gap.... makes for a good story! :) Good thing Will is soo cute and inocent!! I dont think I would get away with that if i tried it! :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I think he gets it from Morgan...I'm just saying I've heard stories!! :) Love you guys...keep enjoying the new house and neighborhood!

Alexis said...

hahaha! That is one way to meet the new neighbors:)