Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our week at a glance........

We have done so many things in the last week, I feel the need to catch up on all the memories today. Morgan's parents got here last Monday and left today, so things are finally calming down around here and I have a chance to process all the memories made and love shared....

So, sit back and enjoy the Week at a Glance with me.........
(Here is Sarah and some adorable friends from church at the primary program practice)

Last Friday was the primary program practice at the church. I decided this year that bribery is o.k. when it comes to memorization. I told each of the kids (except Will), that I would give them 5.00 if they could perform their parts from memory on Sunday. Sarah had the 4th article of Faith and Cassidy and Lund each had parts that they wrote and were quite lengthy. I was really, really proud of them when they performed their parts flawlessly on Sunday!
Cassidy and some of her friends at church.
Doesn't this bring back memories for all of you.....
And, we also went huntin' for toads last week and found this HUGE one in our backyard!!!

And last Monday Will started preschool at Patterson Elementary School. Don't let this picture fool you, he loves his time spent at school!
Here he is waiting with his class. there are only 9 kids in his class, and I love the small size!
And when Grandpa and Grandpa got here, there were some fun items in the kids' goody bags!!!
he he he..... I love this picture! They look just like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday!!! Gotta love the wax mustaches and lips!

And after church on Sunday, Will came up to me wearing a "warm fuzzy" around his neck!! It was such a great idea!!!
And lately, if you can't find Lund, he is usually practicing the piano. He has been teaching himself a few songs and they are sounding quite good. The kids will start back up their lessons this week and I am happy for that!
Here is another picture of Will and his "warm fuzzy" and an apple he is eating straight from Angle's Orchard. Boy are those apples yummy!!!! Thanks grandma and grandpa for bringing them back from Safford!!

And on Sunday evening we had a BBQ at our house. We celebrated Grandma Karen's belated birthday, so here's Papa Lund giving her a "birthday kiss."
Here is a unposed view of everyone milling around having fun. The Garino's and Warren made it over. It was lot's of fun!
After dinner, we played "Just Dance" on the Wii and everyone really enjoyed getting their groove on!!!! Here is Chantel and Sarah going to town!
Even the boys would not be outdone. Here is Guilio and Lund challenging each other.
And a mom and daughter rivalry was bound to happen!!! Grandma Karen and Alicia were really great and performed all the moves with style!!
The were doing the "Mashed potato"!!!!

And just this past Monday, the bus started to pick Will up right here at our house. It is such an amazing service. Will and I just sit in our chairs and wait for the adorable little bus to pull up! I LOVE IT! Talk about front door service!!
I still can't believe that he is old enough to ride the yellow bus!!
Today, Cassidy had to get dolled up for a school project and when she was done, I couldn't BELIEVE how old she seemed!!!! Can she really be growing up this fast??????
Here are my gorgeous girls on Sunday right after church...... Sarah ran up to me right after church and cried, "Mom, the Bishop FIRED Sister Smith today!!!" I had to explain to her that a "releasing" in our church doesn't mean that you are "fired" and that Sister Smith has another wonderful job waiting for her at church. Sarah and Cassidy still went over to give her a hug because they knew they were going to miss her.

And we had a surprize visit from the Hulse family on Saturday and this is the only picture I have to prove it. Morgan with their 5th child, baby Eric. This is also another reason why I love my hubby.... because he just LOVES babies!!!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

We had our primary program on Sunday too! I love them!! I wish I could have seen your kids in it! And i wish i could see Will, i hear he is soo much fun! I wish I could see you and Morgan too... hmmm.. I guess i need to make a trip their soon.. I have a baby Morgan could have fun with! :)
P.S. tell Cassidy and Sarah they look BEAUTiFUL in their church attire!

runningfan said...

Fun updates! You shound very happy with your busy family life!

Farr Family said...

Happy Birthday to a special someone that we love so very much!!! Enjoy YOUR day!
Love ya- Kimberly

bek said...

i miss you

i told you my life would suck without you.

i meant it.