Friday, September 17, 2010

Just stuff... thoughts, pictures, etc...

This week has been fulfilling, yet utterly exhausting physically and emotionally...
Most of you know, because I texted you or facebooked the new information---- I have been moved to Stage 4 cancer. Not the greatest of news.... well, o.k. that is quite the understatement! It sure was disappointing to get the phone call from the thoracic surgeon. It went a little something like this..." This is Dr. Maxwell, and I just wanted you to know that even though I was pretty sure it was just an infection, it is actually cancer. I was quite surprised. But, it is the same cancer, so your breast cancer has moved to both of your lungs and your windpipe area where the lymph nodes are really enlarged. You don't need to see me in my office, that is all." Hum... that was a bit of a cliff hanger. Thanks, buddy!
So this is our new reality and what we are dealing with on a daily basis. We have done a lot of research and we have talked with various doctors. We will be visiting with our oncologist on Monday afternoon to see what our next game plan will be, but basically--- the next plan will be to do three more rounds of a new mixture of chemo drugs, then do another PET scan. They will see if the lumps are shrinking or if the medicine is not effective. I am not quite sure how many sessions of chemo we will go, or how many medicines they will have to try. When we finish chemo eventually, then we will do radiation on my esophagus area. The radiologist warned me that this radiation will be more painful that my last 35 sessions. I will always have a sore throat and who knows what else.
In the meantime, we have been in contact with MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.
We know that they are the best of the best and after speaking with them, we found out that they have seen many young women with the same stage of breast cancer. Nobody can figure out why so many young women are dealing with breast cancer, and it doesn't happen to be hereditary.... so what???? hummmmmm. Just something else to put on my list of questions to ask Heavenly Father in the next life.
So, while our family has been going through all of this hoopla, we would like to thank soooo many people... We have felt the love of so many people, we simply feel overwhelmed by the prayers and love being received on my behalf. I am simply in awe of all the love!!! It is all consuming, in a great way!! Everything from phone calls from people I haven't heard from for at least 10 years, to help from new friends and neighbors that haven't even known me for 10 days. Isn't love a wonderful thing!
My kids have had the opportunity to spend the night at their cousins house, which they love! Thanks so much Aunt Leesh and kids!
What weirdos!
And Cassidy went to her first concert this week!!! She and I bought tickets about two months ago to Jonas Brothers and Demi Lavato. We invited two friends from school and another mom to share in the fun. Then, I had surgery the day before the concert. So, I was out! But Janette, the other mom, took right over and took the three girls to their fun night. What a trooper she was to do it all by herself! thanks so much Janette! Cassidy had the greatest time ever and returned late at night with no voice...... yup, she really enjoyed her 1st concert!
And guess who paid us a surprise visit this week???? Grandpa Thor from Bagdad, and Grandma Karen too. (their surrogate grandparents from Bagdad).
I love this photo because Thor picked him up and got him laughing, and then Will peed on him..... he he he!!! That's what you get for making him laugh!!
And here is a photo to show that the kids are starting to feel at home. And yes, I decoupaged those letters today while sitting on the couch. Fun times!
Will is such a goof, but Sarah was super excited to be in the picture.
Yes, it is hard to get a good picture of Will because he is now into "crazy faces"

So, that is about it.... we are just living one day at a time and we are grateful for each blessing we have!


Farr Family said...

First, I LOVE the letters you made. I am very impressed. You will have to show me how one day so I can do our name!! Second, you are sooo strong! You have such an awesome outlook on life. You can do this!!! Third, I just love ya!!! I wish we were closer and I wasn't about to have a little one because I would be there to help you move and get settled. You are always in our prayers and thoughts! We love you lots! Kimberly

Bonnie Hynes said...

Thanks for posting, probably even when you VERY MUCH don't feel like it! I am always dying to know what the next step is and what you are thinking and feeling. Your house is going to be very lovely if those letters are any indication! If you can't come see us, we will come see you guys...just let us know! Mikey is already asking for time off. Love you guys!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

THose Letters are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them! When we get to come visit sometime you will have to help do a set of my own!! :) Beauitful kids and family!! I cant believe how "delicately" the doctor told you the hard news! NOT!!! what a bummer he may need a lesson in sensativity! LOVE YYOU and your are on our minds OFTEN and in our prayers always!!!

Carlie said...

christa- This is Carlie (Black). I came across you on fb from becky's profile. And then saw that you have this blog. And all Ive got to say is you are AMAZING!!! You are so strong. You really do have a wonderful outlook on life. My family and I are praying for you in everything that life throws at you. We hope and wish for the best.
Your letters are awesome. I made some like that for my last name and they are hanging right now but I think they will look so much better if I put them on a shelf or something. (thanks for the idea. ) Im glad you guys are FINALLY settled in to a home now and so close to your family.
Wishing you the best in everything.

runningfan said...

I'm so glad people are taking care of you. It's amazing how you manage to post such upbeat things in the face of a major trial. You are an incredible woman!