Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving and cutting..... Isn't life grand!

So, lets start with the moving part first! Last Thursday we actually moved into our house....For Real!!!! And you know what, the grass really is greener over here! (especially now that my dad fixed the sprinkler system!)
We couldn't be more happy to buy and move into our first home. 13 years into marriage and we FINALLY purchased our own home!! How exciting, and well worth the wait!

As I was unpacking I came across the "cookie jar", which seemed WAY heavier than it needed to be. Low and behold, Will had "packed" it himself and look what he brought from Bagdad... four rocks, some garbage, (Bagdad garbage is much better than other "trash"), His gun, which he taped to the targets, and his monster truck. So, this is what is important to a 4-year-old boy!!
And the neighbors came over to greet us and give us a basket that they made for us. Each of the neighbors put a present in the basket for us! We have the greatest cul-de-sac ever!!!! Our new neighbors are sooo loving and caring. They have already helped us out soooo much. One day I walked down the stairs where I had been unpacking and a neighbor was in my pantry unloading some boxes for me... she just came right in and got to work!!! Amazing, I know!!! And they are ALL like that!!!!!!! I feel soooo blessed to live here!!!

Here is a photo shot of grandpa and the neighborhood boys putting together the trampoline.
The kids were sooooo excited to have a backyard again!!! And I was so excited to let them play and get a few things done.
A beautiful sunset and a handsome boy riding his bike! I love them both!
And now onto the "cutting" part. Yesterday I had a surgery to find out what is going on with my cancer. It wasn't such a huge surgery, and instead of using steri-strips or stitches, they decided to "glue" me together this time! I am actually glad they did because I think it will heal a lot better and not be so painful. Today I feel a little bit like I got punched all along my wind pipe and across my neck. But, I have had worse, and I just need a bit of rest and a bit of chocolate.... or a lot of chocolate and a lot of rest! Something like that!
When the kids got home and ran over to see my cut, Sarah looked at it and said, "Your right daddy, it does look like a little mouth!" he he! What a goof!!!
Back track to last Thursday and my view as I pulled up at the house. Yipppeeee, our stuff is here!!!
Other news.... Will tested into a developmental preschool program here in Gilbert and I am sooooo excited for him! The bus is going to pick him up at our house everyday and drop him off right at his front door! Life doesn't get better than this!!!! He is super excited for it to all begin!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, So good to see your place and you. The photos tell a great story. Morgan joked that you guys had moved to Mayberry. Better than that. I also must say that you proved a theory of mine with the backyard photos. There IS nothing like an Arizona sunset.
Love you soooo!

Bonnie Hynes said...

So many comments to be said!!! I have been waiting for this update. First of all...holy perfect neighbors! I map of the neighborhood with names and even pets! I love that they are already helping you out. I love that you are in a cul-de-sac (sometimes wished we were), love that Will got into his program (Elliott didn't), Love that you have such a gorgeous view from your backyard! Love you guys! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I can't believe it has been 13 years married without owning a home. You are in for a whole new beginning -- and your beginning on this home was a long and long suffering beginning. BUT YOU PASSED THE TEST, ACED THE CHALLENGE AND WON THE PRIZE -- A NEW HOME WITH BEAUTIFUL LAKE, GRASS AND NEIGHBORHOOD. We want to visit. After Karen's surgery we shall.

Blessing on your head --- in fact on your head, throat, neck, glands, lungs and all the rest of the physical YOU.
Jeremiah prophesied: (Jeremiah 48:37) "For every head shall be bald, and... [there shall be]... shall be cutting."
Blessing to you and your family.

DAD/Lund/ Grandpa/ et al.

annebabe said...

congratulations home owner!!! how exciting! and it looks fabulous, complete with a tramp, a lake and awesome neighbors. Glad to hear you are recuperating and hanging in there champ! And that is great news for Will, Mason went to a developmental preschool and it was the perfect fit for him.

ps- are you still coming next month? or has stage 4 thrown schedules off? we would LOVE to have you guys but understand if its not in the cards anymore. Let me know. :)

pps- we fasted for you and its always nice to think about someone other than ourselves and our own family. Hope you felt extra loved!

runningfan said...

I am thrilled that you finally got your happy ending with the house -- and that your neighbors will take good care of you. I wish i was there to help!

Wilson Winners said...

Thinking about you and your fabulous family tons today. Kisses and positive energy going your way by the bucket loads... all the way from Boise.



Becky Rogers said...

That is hilarious that Will packed his rocks from Bagdad. That kid is so funny. Very beautiful pictures of the view of the sunset. That would be neat to look at that every night!

PinkyMcG said...

Congrats on the new house! It looks fantastic and you will make it a home in no time. Miss you and miss Arizona.