Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A busy, yet productive day!!!

Today was crammed to the hilt... but we did get a LOT accomplished!!
The day started with the signing of papers for our new house!!! Wow, that is enough signing to make your hand cramp...... But it is finished!!!
Then my mom accompanied me to meet with a cardiothorasic surgeon this afternoon. She is great because she has been dubbed my "note taker" and even makes a list of questions to ask the doctor. Dr. Maxwell was a very good, thorough doctor and he wants the surgery done "yesterday" (that is what he told the nurse scheduling my surgery). Since that is not exactly a possibility, it will be scheduled for this Thursday or Friday morning. And if you have kept tabs, yes, this is the same day we will be moving into our new house!!! I know... crazy, huh!!!
We figured it all out though... Morgan is going to direct the movers and periodically check in on me at the hospital. My mom is going to take Will to his preschool testing to see if he qualifies for some extra help and a very awesome preschool program. And I am just going to lay in a bed on pain killers. (I think I am getting off easy! Anyone who has ever moved before would probably rather have surgery than unpack!)
I am still awaiting a call from MD Anderson in Texas to see when I can schedule an appointment there for a consultation with breast cancer specialists. But everyone has been so supportive offering me places to stay and even a buddy pass on an airplane!! I have the best friends and family in the world!!!!
O.K. back to the schedule today.. Lund also had a pack meeting tonight and it was a lot of fun!
Here is Lund receiving his belt loop for science. Next month he will be getting his Bear and moving onto Webelos. I can't wait to get his Cub shirt out of storage!
Here are three of our Cubs reciting the Cub Scout Oath to a new scout about to enter the pack.

And we had a lot of fun using magnifying glasses and going on a special investigation to find out what the treats were... too cute!!
And here is the best part of the day!!! In the evening (I am in my scout shirt), we met at the house and got the keys to our house!!! And Laurel our Realtor and an old friend made us a whole batch of "house" cookies from scratch!!! Aren't they the cutest things ever!!! She is amazing!!!
And here is Cassidy being goofy trying to open the door to her house cookie with the key! What a goof!
Another funny moment happened today as Sarah was eating her house cookie. She yelled out to everyone who would listen, "Wow, try the roof.... It tastes amazing!!!" (It was a little reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel!)

*I am exhausted after this day of wonderful things.... I am off to bed!!


Cinoda said...

My girlfriend was admitted to the hospital the same day she was moving also. Guess what? She stayed in the hospital on good legal drugs, and I moved her!

Don't ya just love life sometimes! Your family and friends are going to rescue the day, don't worry. Now you might not be able to find anything, but rest assured, it will be somewhere in the house!

My prayers are with you especially on Thursday.

Strong Family - said...

I was bummed when I looked up MD Anderson and saw that it's in Houston, not Austin. You're in my prayers!

Bonnie Hynes said...

We are trying to get Elliott into an awesome speech therapy pre-school, and he tests this week too! Cross your fingers for both of them. Your surgery...is it the biopsy, or removal? Good luck either way. What a week ahead of you! Sending love your way!
P.S. Thanks for updating so often, we think about you constantly!

Gwen said...

Good choice,surgery over moving...no contest.You guys will spread out in your new place with all of that wall to wall Johnson love and amazingness!Wish I was there!I could be there if needed! You are in our prayers and thoughts.love gwen

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lund!! Glad to see him prospering in his new pack! We sure miss him and you and your whole family! Congratulation on your home and best wishes with all the rest Christa! XOXO Penny

Farr Family said...

Christa- I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! I hope everything went well last week! We love ya lots!! Stay strong!