Sunday, August 22, 2010

My little artist...and the other hidden talents around here..

(A five minute sketch drawn by Lund)
I have decided that sometimes in life your children will amaze you. This is one of "those" times. Lund, the child who won't write clearly enough for his teacher to read it, the kid who just brought home a report card that said, "he would get straight A's if he did his work", yeah, that kid..... is quite the artist! He will beg his dad, who is an awesome artist as well, to give him lessons on shading, and sketching and anything else his dad will teach him. The picture I have up top is one he drew in a darkened room when he was "supposed" to be sleeping the other night. This talent of drawing just eludes me. I have NEVER been able to draw and I fear my mother and father wasted all the money they spent sending me to ASU art classes as a child. Just like the wasted money on Jazz/Tap, Karate, and Modeling classes. He he!!! Although,the sports did pay off in the end.... because I even received athletic scholarships to college, that I turned down. (I know, what was I thinkin'???? Well, I wasn't thinkin' cuz I was only 17, nobody thinks then). Wow, I REALLY steered off track.......
Anyhow, my children sometimes amaze me with the things they do.....
Just as Lund has amazed me with his artistry, Cassidy has amazed me recently with her bravery. She is in a new place, new school, new everything and on Friday she decided she wanted to try out for the school-wide talent show. Her middle school is 5-8th, so it was a big deal. I signed the permission slip and even had an amazing opportunity to witness her bravery since I help out in her classroom on Fridays.
She bravely volunteered to go first, and then she went up to the big grand piano, and played a song from memory that she wrote two years ago. Mind you, our piano has been in storage for the past four months, so she has had no opportunity to practice or have lessons. But, she bravely listened as the music teacher told her that "she needed to keep working on her skills and maybe try out again next year." And even though there were tears running down her cheek, she did it. I was soooo proud of her. And she continued to listen and not complain as the next girl ran up to the piano and played an amazing piece from memory that was WAY beyond Cassidy's abilities. She congradulated the girl when the music teacher got excited and asked her to be in the show. That is true bravery!!! I would have NEVER been that brave at that age!! I chose to hide behind a glove or a basketball and find my way through life where I felt comfortable, on the field, or on the court. Much less nerve-wracking!
Sarah amazes me so many times as well. Her gift to the world at this time is kindness.... She has it in droves!! She will buy something she really, really, wants, (This past week it was Silly Bandz, the rubberband bracelets that are in the shape of animals.), and then she will take them to school and give them all away to everyone and anyone around her. She will give away her favorite stuffed animals, just because someone says they wish they had one like that. And she is soooo great at helping others. I love volunteering in her class, because I get to witness this first hand every Monday.
Will has his gifts as well... right now his gift is to look amazingly cute while being naughty!!! I am sure his talents and abilities will develop as well..... in time............. For now the fact that he gives me LOTS of kisses and tells me that he loves me keeps me going. Oh, and of course his new favorite thing to do is to "blow a hug". In the same fashion as "blowing a kiss", he will cross his arms across his chest and then blow in my direction. I love when I get hugs blown at me... how wonderful!!!!


Krista said...

I love the hug blowing! How sweet.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Such talents! They will love reading this someday and being reminded of their mother's love and admiration.