Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easy Come, Easy Go..... But oh, so fun!!!

We were anticipating a move into our house next Wednesday........... But, I think we have all heard this story before... (Weren't we supposed to move in on July 11th?). Anyhow, this time we were really excited and even got the kids excited for the impending move. But alas, one last crack was found in the back wall of the house and that had to be fixed.... so.... no Wednesday action. We are actually very, very close, but it looks like September 1st now.
Anyhow, the kids were not very excited about the recent let down and so we decided to go and have some fun. We gave the kids a lot of choices... IMAX theater, ice skating, Amazing Jake's Indoor playland, Sunsplash, etc.... So we had a vote... and they still couldn't decide! Then Morgan casually suggested the idea of giving the kids the amount of money we would have spent on the family activity. Well, pretty much we had a unanimous decision after that... They all wanted their cash!!!! So, we looked at each other and said, "why not?"
We headed over to the bank and the kids got to chose how they wanted their money... one dollar bills, pennies.... you get the idea..
And here we are with our free Dum-Dum suckers and our mula!!! Will loved his one dollar bills, Lund chose 4 fives, and the girls chose one dollar bills as well. What you can't hear going on is Will patting his money saying...."Muuuuuuuuhaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!" He repeated this same crazy endearment for about 10 minutes straight.
Look what else we found out today... Will can floss his teeth with a sucker stick. What does that say about the gaps in his teeth?? Hum....
Lund got a really nice sketch book with his mula...
Cassidy opted for some awesomely HUGE candied apples from Costco. And she purchased a ticket to a Disney concert in September for only 10.00..
Sarah also bought candied apples, but as you can see, she wasn't so excited about her purchase... Oh man, after you lick off all the sugar, there is healthy food hiding under there!!!!
Will decided to buy monster trucks from Costco. Then he took the decorative pillows that I bought with my money and he used them as a track! What a goof!
The other purchase Sarah made was a few stuffed animals she found in a pack in the dog toy section of Costco. This picture is my favorite because the little bear is giving the big bear a HUGE hug!!!! She is soooo cute with her animals.
Sidenote: The big bear was a gift that Morgan gave me on the last day of radiation treatments. The kids always fight over who gets to play with my Bosom Buddy!
*I think we had quite the adventure and it was probably just as great of a day as it could have been!!!! (That last part sounds like a Lund Johnson quote!)


Alexis said...

What a fun day! I bet the people at Costco loved all the one dollar bills! I love that Sarah really is disappointed at such an eye-pleasing treat---it's like realizing that a chocolate bunny at easter isn't solid---what a let down! Well keep us up to date with the move in date--I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of that mansion again:) Oh, and I know how much anxiety goes along with waiting ---especially when it's the weekend and you won't get any news until at least the week, so we will be praying for you and the big test you just took!

Erin said...

Good news: The gaps in Will's teeth are GOOD! When there are gaps between baby teeth, it means that there will be more room for the adult teeth when they come in. If his teeth were all close together, you'd definitely be in for a big ortho bill. But, at least you know there's room for his big teeth!