Friday, July 16, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for.......The Best Day Ever!!!!

Well, I don't quite even know where to was THAT magnificent!!!! I was excited already when I woke up because I knew that this would be my LAST day of radiation, but I never planned how simply awesome the day would turn out!
I guess I will tell it all so that I don't forget any amazing details!

Firstly, the awesomeness started because Becky B. was in town so she had the chance to experience this last day with me... It was also her birthday this week so I had my opportunity to take her out to lunch as well. I told her lunch was a surprize but the theme would be ," the last day of breast cancer treatment." I took her car keys, so I could drive us to................ HOOTERS!!! Thats right ladies and gentleman, there is no better place to celebrate breast cancer than Hooters. I mean, I was among a lot of other ladies that had done some extensive work on their chests as well!! he he he

Now, if you are an Office fan, than you know that Micheal Scott says that he just goes to Hooters because they have the best wings EVER! Was it true????..... NOT AT ALL!!! Their food was fair at best, and the service.... well, let's just say that they weren't hired for their brains! he he. My server gave me my food without any silverware and would run off before we were done talking to her and we would kind of have to yell things at her as she went...."....and I would love a Diet Coke........." (But she usually forgot.....) Maybe it was because girls aren't the best tippers there....hummmm
But, never fear, I learned a lot of valuable information from the quotes everywhere... like this diddy! .............................

................and this..................hummmm
.............and of course, this amazing bit of knowledge!
.......o.k. so the quotes weren't wonderful, but then people must be going for the wonderful clothing line!!
...........o.k. maybe that is not it either!!..................
But, when the ladies heard I was there to celebrate my last day of treatment, they were definitley willing to pose with me in a picture!
thank you Bek for putting up with this "once in a lifetime" event. (I say "once in a lifetime" because I am DEFINITELY not going back in this lifetime!) Love ya Bek!!
*Now onto the great happenings!!!! Morgan surprized me and got half the day off and while I was back in radiation getting my last treatment, he was setting up my "finish line" that me made for me, complete with an acutal finish line ribbon that I had to break through and everything!! Did I mention that I married THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!
I am carrying plastic cups and napkins in my hands because I was walking around the office delivering triple layered chocolate cheesecake slices that I made last night for all the nurses and the other patients that I see everyday!! I LOVE all my old men friends!!!
I wonder if I will make it through the finish line......(Look how happy Morgan is to watch me have my "moment in the sun", man, I love that man!!)
.................and the dramatic finish!!!...................

And here is the view I had as I walked out of the office. Morgan got some wonderful goodies for me as well. See them there sitting on the wheelchair? AWESOME!!!
these guys have been some of my best friends over the last seven weeks, and I suppose they have saved my life a bit.... or something................ Meet Sam the Skunk and Linda the Patient, my radiation techs!!!
And here is my beautiful Radiation doctor, Dr. Taw. She is amazing and I love her. And even better, she LOVED my triple chocolate cheesecake!!!
Me and my handsome hubbie when it was all over!
.... here is Morgan telling me that I had better not get any radiation on him!!! he he. you can also see how much my hair is growing from this angle!
................................. I truly love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!


Strong Family - said...

Yeah for being DONE!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. And that is a pretty awesome husband. Good job Morgan!

Wilson Winners said...

gooooOOOOO CHRISTA! YAY! I am so happy for you. "Today is your day, your off to great places, your off and away! You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose!" Doctor Seuss is so wise. Go for it girl, Congratulations!

runningfan said...

What an awesome day! I'm thrilled for you!

annebabe said...

hip hip HORRAY!
hip hip HORRAY!
hip hip HORRAY!

three cheers for Christa! and a big cheer to the best cheerleader in Mesa, Morgan!

ps- the way to a woman's heart is through see's candy. I'm glad your hubby knows this. :)

Shelly said...

YAY!!! Im so happy that you are done...Finally! I bet its such a huge relief to not have to drive out to the hospital every day and lay on that blasted table. Sam was one of my techs too, he's awesome! Well, congrats and here's to better things!!

bek said...

yay! i had such a good day with you. thank you for including me! did you mention that dr. taw couldn't even hold a conversation because she was so in love with your cheesecake? it was like "mmm, this is so good. what was that? you want to know when you can get a pet scan? mmm, this is so good. what was your question again?" so funny.