Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Milk comes from cows, definitely cows, and they will kill you!!" Will

Last Friday, (yes, that is right, I am only a week behind), we went to Superstition Farm with my friend from High School, Heidi, and her four children as well. We had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about where milk, cheese and ice cream come from.
First, you have to get the children drunk and then EVERYONE has a great time! he he (don't come arrest me, that is quality beer of root!!)
My pictures are backwards, because I am really lazy tonight.... so let's begin at the ending.... the kids were really, really hot at the end of their farm fun, so the farmer sprayed them down with his garden hose... And the kids absolutely loved it!!!
Singin' in the rain...
Yup, a regular old garden hose does the trick everytime!
I love when these boys actually get along and even like each other a bit. Here Lund was gingerly passing the chicken/rooster? to his brother..
awwww.. aren't they being soo gentle!
Lund really liked this chicken and they are looking a bit like each other in this picture!!
Cassidy, on the other hand, perferred the horse variety.
All of us hanging out with the horsies!
Horses have always intrigued me, and scared me a bit as well. They are magnificent, and and a bit terrifying!
..............but my daughters have always been horse lovers. They loved to ask me in Bagdad, "Can I have a horse for my birthday?" To which I would reply, "Mommy doesn't know how to take care of a horse or walk them or whatever, maybe we can just keep one in your room and see what happens...." Instead, we have had various other "weird" pets which include, but are not limited to: 2 ball pythons (4 ft long each), 1 hairless rat, 5 other rats, 1 tarantuala (I nixed this pet after 1 day, instead we pawned it off to the missionary from England who was ESTATIC!), numerous dogs, numerous cats, 1 bird, 4 turtles or tortoises.... and a partridge in a pear tree!!!!
This goat didn't even wait for Will to get the food out of the container...
ahhhhh haaaaaa!!! Cassidy caught a chicken as it ran by!
And, let's end at the beginning.... The hay ride and my two children that are "too cool for school"
Will really enjoyed sitting on the "grass things"..............
Here we are listening and learning all about cows and their marvelous by-product... o.k. I am not out of words, just look at pictures for a little while and be satisfied!!! he he he


runningfan said...

That was so fun! Thanks for inviting us!

Anonymous said...

That title definitely has to be one of Will's wisdoms.