Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is 12:32 in the morning and I thought maybe I would just put a blog post of my random thoughts right now.....
1. I thought if I bought white towels, they would always be white and pure because I would bleach them everytime I washed them. I was wrong... they got permenantly stained and they were very blah... and you have to wash them ALL the time. They show EVERYTHING! So I took them back to Sam's Club and got brown towels. Much better... they hide A LOT! I am glad the repentance process is much better than my white towels!!
2. It would sure be fun to go to Hawaii! I would LOVE to go there someday!!! Heck, I would love to go anywhere past the Arizona/Utah/Idaho line, that's as far as I have ever been.... Oh wait, that costs money (see #17)
3. Was the Lord talking about cancer when we spoke of illnessess in the last days??? I have sure heard of a lot of new cancer cases in the last few days, especially luekemia???................
4. Is is sad that I am so happy for my kids to be going back to school on Thursday? I could really get used to this "modified year round" thing.
5. Is anybody else REALLY aware of how hot it is out there??? I am not sure they are! I am CONSTANTLY sweating.... I am serious! there is constantly a layer of sweat on me. Sometimes I take two or three showers a day!! Is anyone else melting???
6. I will work out tomorrow... (I always think this at this time of night)...remember when I used to love working out and running.... remember when I was skinny......
7. How did I spend so much money at Walmart today? I didn't really even get that much stuff???
8. Will my daughter EVER stop wetting her pants???
9. Will she wet her pants at school on Thursday?
10. Should I run the laundry this late at night, or will it wake everyone up?
11. Should I go to bed now, or just enjoy the solitude for a bit longer?
12. Will my 4-year-old EVER learn how to count to 10? or 5?
13. Is is bad that I am hoping my 4-year-old will qualify for special needs preschool so someone else can try to teach him stuff?
14. Hum.... I wonder if my hair is long enough to spike up now with a really strong gel.
15. I wonder if I will EVER be brave enough to not wear a hat everyday.
16. Hats are very HOT...(see comment #5)
17. Is everyone else out there made of money? I just bought the school supplies for my kids and it topped out at 200.00. And that is before the 150.00 donation (not optional) that I need to pay so that my kids will be able to experience such things as "field trips" and an occasional "bus ride".... I can still remember when these things were all just part of school...
18. If I eat another Krispy Kreme donut right now, do the calories count?
19. Where is my wallet??? No really, WHERE IS MY WALLET????
20. How come I can't seem to remember ANYTHING? I have a horrible short term memory and I keep leaving things everywhere because I forget that I have them with me. Hence the lost wallet.... chemo brain????...........but I can still remember my next door neighbors phone number from when I was a kid...892-2464.
21. p.s. that next door neighbor is a lawyer now and running for city council.... and I STILL can't find my wallet????!!!!!!


runningfan said...

You make me laugh. I'm awake, too, trying to decide whether to go to bed. I had a nice little nap from 9:45-12:45...

A playdate tomorrow sounds fun! See you at swimming!

P.S. I am definitely melting, too!

Krista said...

People around here are obsessed with getting their kids into private school. I was curious about how much they pay so I looked it up. They are paying between 10 and 15 thousand a year for 4 kids to go to school!!!! What is wrong with public school. Tom and I went to public school and went to college and are doing just fine. One mom even goes to work just so she can pay for her childs preschool! It's sad really. And her I am agreeing with you about having to pay for school supplies. When did education become not free in this country??!! In my parents town they are going to make the high school kids pay if they want to play sports. so sad

annebabe said...

love the "slice of life" post. tell us what you REALLY thing Christa, ha ha ha!

nothing wrong with Special Ed preschool, Mason thrived there and it was so good for him to learn these things from someone other than mom. We seem to have communication issues, as in, I communicate to him and he decides to ignore said communication.

And I hear ya about the money thing. Travis and I joke about it, either we stay home and get fat because we snack and I bake while we're home or we go out and spend money. So fat or poor? why are those my only choices?

Farr Family said...

Christa I just love ya!!! I agree with so many things you have said. I totally agree with your Walmart thing- I didn't even splurge and my bill is soooo high. I always think about things like your donut but I say I'm pregnant- does that count. And then I just laugh. You are awesome!!!!

bek said...

oh my gosh! i need to do a post like this, cause i never really have anything to say except all the rambling ranting in my brain! i love this post, chris!