Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summa' is Ova'! ( a.k.a. Summer is Over!)

That's right ladies and gentlefolks...... Schooltime is here!!!!! (this is when all stay-at-home moms take a deep sigh, and then feel like crying just a bit. It is definitely a mixed emotion!)
Cassidy, Lund, and Sarah are enrolled in an amazing charter school that is a "modified year-round school". What that means in regular speak is that they start earlier and end later, but have some great breaks in between. Also, their schedule is considered a "compact" schedule, so they attend school from 11-4 each day. My almost teenager (Cass), loves this schedule because her new thing is to sleep in. Oh, and I love this schedule too because I had a chance to work out, and then swim some laps, all before the kids even started to stir this morning!!! Wahoo!
*A wonderful moment happened last night when Morgan gave the kids their "back to school father's blessings." (for those of you that aren't members of our church, a blessing is a special prayer that helps you in cases of illness, or in this case, gives you encouragement and guidance for your new school year.) Well, the blessings were wonderful and Cassidy said the most amazing thing right after hers. She came up to me and whispered, "When daddy was giving me my blessing, I heard a hint of Jesus in his voice!" What she was so eloquently describing is the Spirit which testifies of Christ, and I couldn't think of any better way to describe it! Thank you Cassidy for putting that wonderful feeling into words... I LOVE the faith of a child!

And now, onto the photographic proof............
Here they are right before we left the apartment. Notice Will has a packed lunch too so he won't miss out on the food action!
We got to the school and Cassidy was in a "mood" for a minute... probably a mixture of a new school, new city, new everything emotion....
And here is Lund lecturing Cass about smiling for the camera even if it is all "new". Gotta love that "protective brother" thing!
Thanks Cass, that is much better! I love you brave kiddos!
And as we waited for their classes to line up, Will decided that he had waited long enough, and broke out the sack lunch. He did amaze me by waiting a full five minutes before busting out the food. He was probably scoping out the new surroundings first.
And here are my two (almost) grown children. They are in a 5th/6th combination class and they opted to be in the same class together. I LOVE that they chose that on their own!!! Also, they are almost exactly the same height now, and so they make "twin" comments among themselves sometimes. (Even though they couldn't look more opposite if they tried!)
And poor Sarah didn't have a sibling to go with her and so here she is bravely walking off with her class. You can definitely see the worry in her face! What a brave little girl!!! (sidenote: no accidents!! I talked to the teacher right before they left and whispered that it would be awesome if she showed everyone where the bathrooms were, because Sarah was SUPER nervous! Thank you Mrs. Powell!!)

All in all, I am very happy for the school year ahead of us. I think they will do great and have an amazing year! We are also excited because now that we have 2 weeks off in October, we are going to take a trip up to Idaho and go visit family in Pocatello and Boise. It will be the first family trip since cancer took hold of our plans.... Yea for planning family trips for the rest of our lives!!!


Krista said...

There is so much that I love about this post. Way to journal Christa! By the way my parents live in the same town that Christian Pacheco just moved away from. He and my dad worked together. Small world I know!

annebabe said...

perhaps an overnight stop in St.George is on your itinerary? You know, its 8 hrs from Phoenix to here. And then its 8 hrs from here to Pocatello. You can't do that all in 1 day. I'm just saying . . .

seriously, if its convenient for you, we would LOVE to host the Johnson family. I don't know what your time frame in October is, but we are headed to D-Land with all the Jackman clan the 1st week in Oct. I think we'll be gone the 2nd-9th. I hope that doesn't interfere. :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love this plan! Best news ever!!! Can't wait to see you guys, i will be polishing up my Wii skills for sure! Good luck at the new school kids!