Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monsoons and Mercury Basketball

Monsoon season has hit the Valley..... but we have yet to see much in the way of moisture. Mostly, we see the dust and monsoon clouds and even some lightning....not so much rain.
Morgan received some Mercury tickets from work, and we decided to take the girls there to watch the girls play. Cassidy even invited a friend from church, and we had tons of fun! We love the free ticket perks and free meals are nice too! We were in the Freeport McMoran suite and they had food there, which the girls made sure to take advantage of.
Here we see Brooklyn and Cassidy watching the game. They really got into it and that made it very, very fun!
In addition to watching it right in front of could also watch it on the big screen in the suite. The girls were really excited about the free Mercury bags they got because I had a coupon for them. Thanks for indulging me girls!
................and sometimes we even FORCE our kids to eat chocolate cake!!! ha ha, yea right~!
See the cake in front and the girls enjoying it.......
Oh, and Morgan and I had a great time too...... did I mention that I love him?!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

You guys do have some fun times. The picture of you and Morgan is gorgeous!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

I agree with mom that you and Morgan look great in that pic!! you look beautiful!! I'm very very very very jealous of your family and the free games and suites!! FUN!!!! I again, i hope to see you alll sooon!!