Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swim lessons and Dive Class

Before school started last week, the finale to the summer events was a sesson of swim lessons and dive instruction. I haven't ever put them in swim lessons here in the Valley, so I wasn't familiar with their classes. I think we did o.k. in the end even though I put Sarah in a class that was above her ability and I had to make sure at all times that the lifeguard who was teaching her/flirting with the other instructor was watching her. She struggled to keep up with the other kids in the class who already knew all four strokes and next year, I think I will stick her in the class below this one, just as a refresher.
Will on the other hand, enjoyed his class, when he felt the need to pay attention. I ended up sticking my own swim suit on the second week and joining his class in the water to make sure Will was staying on task. (and it was much better to not be sitting in the stands melting!)
Cassidy and Lund on the other hand were up on the boards and got sick of the "right form" for diving really quick. I think they envisioned a diving class to be a whole class of running and jumping off the diving board willy nilly. They were sorely mistaken. And even though Lund can do a front flip and anything else you ask him to do off a diving board, he had trouble with the simplicity of the "front dive". Cassidy grasped it before he did and it took him the full two weeks to master the dive flawlessly. On the last day of class, Cassidy tried to do a pike and then dive and she flipped and landed on her back. A horrible painful backflop and she was in the stands crying. I sat with her and talked with her about getting right back on the horse, so to speak. After much convincing, she got back up there only to perform the EXACT same painful back flop!!! After more crying, the only way I got her back up on the board was to get up there myself and perform a dive so they felt I was having to go through it too. Needless to say, I don't think Cassidy will be joining dive team anytime soon! Lund on the other hand, would do great if they would let him play around a little bit more.
Well, enjoy the photos of their only summer "class" they took... (Maybe next year when we are settled and cancer-free, they will get to participate in a little bit more...)
And I threw another picture of Lund in. He was being crazy at the pool at "Aunt Dana's" house...just more swimming adventures! I am suprized we haven't had any stitches this summer!


runningfan said...

It's amazing how unaware I was of your kids while I was wrangling my two-year-old in the mom-n-me class! Sorry it was a struggle!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Is that Taylor pool? Flashbacks!!!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

AH! the Arizona swimming and diving lesson senario. How often have been been there and done that. Watching them swim is not nearly as cooling as being the swimmer. What fun they are having. Memories of great times past. Thanks!!