Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look Good, Feel Betta!!!

Yesterday I had an AMAZING opportunity!! I signed up a while ago for the Look Good, Feel Better program put on by the American Cancer Society and the day of my class finally arrived!
I decided that this opportunity would be best served as a Mommy/Daughter Date Night, and it couldn't have been any better. The Look Good, Feel Better program is designed to help women going through cancer treatment feel better about themselves. They teach you about beauty on the "inside" and then they teach you all about make up and wigs and everything to make you feel better about yourself. It is simply an amazing thing to feel pretty when you are going through something like this, because no matter how much courage and confidence you have, when you don't feel "pretty" it is really hard to feel good about yourself.
Cassidy and I had an amazing time and it was a very small, intimate group of ladies. There was only one other cancer patient there with her daughter as well and so we really felt taken care of. The instructor was great and taught us a lot of "tricks" to look better and how to mask the changes that are going on in our lives. I enjoyed having Cass there because she has been VERY interested in makeup lately and I wanted her to see the proper way to apply it and use it so when she turns 12 and her mom actually lets her wear it outside she will understand how to apply it. I also wanted Cassidy to see that cancer patients can be "beautiful", and I really felt that she left with that understanding!!
I am a better person because of this program and I think Cassidy is too.... She was also super duper excited because we left with a "Hannah Montana" wig that she LOVES to wear!!!! What a hoot!!!

Here we are on our date together... we are holding my bag of goodies given to me for the program. How awesome that makeup companies have donated all of these wonderful products!
And here is everything that was in my "kit". It is a lot of fun to play around with the various makeup colors. Will was upset that "boys don't get to wear make up!"
And playing around with the wigs was sooo much fun!!! (Not exactly my style!)
Cassidy decided that she could have an "alter ego" just like Hannah Montana does. She calls her rock star self, CJ and she loves to perform for us...
Here she is before giving us a performance at home
Boy oh boy!! Those silly boys got in on the action as well!!! We call her London!
Sarah likes to be called "Sally" while wearing her blonde do!
And this guy simply goes by Morgan when he is proving that Blondes truly do have more fun!!! he he... He is always saying that his name can also be a girls name!!


bek said...

canyon was reading this post with me and he said "see if it they put it on lund!" then the next picture was him. we were cracking up. love his alter ego name. london. hehehe. k. so if you ever find aquaphor on clearance at target again, will you get me some? i can't ever find it and i LOVE when target clearances that sort of stuff.

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Christa! You look beautiful in your pictures!! Wow!! I should go to a seminar on how to feel beautiful after having a baby and gaining 15 lbs.