Sunday, June 6, 2010

Watch out, I have a camera!!!!!!

Morgan told me the other day that our video camera has a setting for taking pictures--- so now I am back in the game again!!
First, we had some sad news this weekend. Ruth and Jeremy have an adorable two-year-old who was injured at their family reunion. He broke his femur, which is the large bone in your thigh. And although it looks like a full body cast, it is actually built this way so that he won't walk or try to use his legs. Wowzers, that is a huge cast!!! And his wonderful mother is due in about six weeks, and that is how long he will be in this cast. I can't quite figure out how she is going to carry him around with a very pregnant tummy. Karver, we love you!!!
Today was Fast Sunday in our church and we usually pick something or someone to fast for and Cassidy asked us last night before family prayer if we could fast for little Karver. So, that is what we did. Thanks Cassidy for teaching us an important lession.
They had him heavily sedated while they set his bone.
Here we are today in front of our new ward. The only bummer is that is starts at 8:30am. Oh well, the church is still true that early!

And here are a few pictures off center.... not sure why.......

Lund before church
And our Cass

The next pictures are showing the recent additions we have..... 7 new butterflies! Sarah got a butterfly enclosure for her birthday. Then we sent away for the butterfly larva and now we finally have the final product...beautiful butterflies.
Sarah has them trained to go on her hand...

All of Sarah's followers!

Cassidy also enjoys the closeness of the butterflies. They have become quite a hit around here.
Doesn't Sarah look like a cute little page boy with this hat on. I love it!!! Plus, she makes me feel less lonely as I wear my hats everyday. Thanks Sarah!
Here she is with the butterfly larva... (caterpillers?)


bek said...

you guys are so good lookin! love the coordinating color scheme. its wierd to see morgan without his suit coat. i bet he feels a little bit liberated....

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I guess it does not matter what church building you attend there wiil be pictures taken ther when everyone is all "dolled up" as Mother Laura would say. Lund is looking tan and Sarah's butterflies are beautiful. It is good to see everyone. We love you so.
Grama Karen

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love how you are all color coordinated for church! Cute. Lucy had one of those butterfly things...very cool. She didn't love it when I made her set it free though! Love you guys!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

How fun, a new ward and new friends!! Karver is doing wonderful today thanks!