Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The past two days....under water

It seems that since we moved to the Valley o' the heat, most of our lives have been spent under water. At least for the kids, that is. I am banned from the mean rays of the sun. Radiation treatments and sunshine just don't mix!
Here is a rousing game of "chicken"! You know what is crazy? Lund's 7-year-old buddy, Canyon, has Lund on his shoulders.....hummmm. Of course, Canyon is a very strong kiddo!
Thank you Canyon for coming to visit us today. We really enjoyed having you. All the kids love Canyon, and since his momma is here for some weddings this week, we got to spent some quality time hanging out with him.
Nice face Lund!
This is funny::: Cassidy is pretending to be injured and Sarah is supposed to be the "nurse". But she wasn't quite sure if she wanted to fix her since her sister was being such a tease to her. Sarah's expression cracks me up! (hummmm, do I make her better, or just shove her into the pool?!)
A head pops up, and there is Canyon!
Oh, and every once in a while the kids will come over to see how I am doing under my umbrella.
Here they all are getting ready for some more water fun
I am not quite sure why one gun wasn't enough, but he insisted on two. Doesn't he look soooo tough with his inflatable zebra around his waist!! he he
This was a cute moment as well: Lund was swimming around when he saw a moth struggling to breathe underwater. He "rescued it" and in this picture he was performing an interesting variation of CPR. Sarah was very worried about the poor thing as you can see by her expression. And yes ladies and gentlemen, the moth did survive. I was then ordered to babysit it for the duration of pool time.
And this is where I spend all of my time.... Watching the kids from the shady safety of the umbrella.
And here is my view of the sun....

And this is Lund with his new buddy, Mathew, swimming at his house. Lund was sooo excited when they went upstairs to Mathew's room and he had a ton of Lego projects on display. Lund went over to them and almost reverently whispered..."wow, and their not broken at all!" (Will breaks EVERYTHING that Lund makes out of Lego's and nothing could make Lund more frustrated)
Sarah and Cassidy hanging out on the turtle at the Brock's pool. They are making friends left and right now thanks to church.
p.s. Here is the "quote of the day". While we were swimming, the kids would find "injured toys" and try to heal them on the side of the pool. At one point Lund came up with a Hotwheel in his hand and said..... "Don't worry guys.... I will perform CPcar!!! he he he he he (that's my boy!!!)


Krista said...

That water looks so fun. We lived in Mesa when I was prego with Kya. Conor and I went swimming everyday and I still felt overheated! That book is called The Duggars 20 and Counting. I love their show in TlC also. So interesting!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

You kids are soo cute! Probably loving life! I wish they were here with karver and they could "fix" him. hahaha They are so sweet! maybe they will follow in Jeremy's steps and become a paramedic! ya never know!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

CP-CAR is the best I have heard for a long time. And LUND said it. What a great Lund he is turning out to be. You now have a friend with a pool and legos. WOW, early heaving -- except for the Heat !!
Our plans are all on hold with Karver's broken let and Ruth's pregnancy and stuff. We wil let Arizona know when we know what we are doing.

bek said...

i love the pic of the umbrella. so telling. those kids had so much fun yesterday. sarah and canyon had fun with the marbles at my moms too. she's such a sweet little sunshine. glad i got to torture will a little. then convince him that i really love and miss him. :(